1st Frozen embryo transfer

Hi everyone

Im currently day 2 post 5 day FET, our first one failed. This time we have used embryo glue, trying to stay positive but I feel like im in a bubble this time its all a bit fuzzy, if that makes sense. I will be testing on the 14/08/16 . This time and last time I had an endo scratch and im on steroids. Not feeling that different early stages I know, but I have noticed now and then I get clammy and a bit sweaty for no reason.

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  • Good luck to you! I hope it all goes well. I start my first IVF cycle soon. X

  • Thankyou :) I found last time the 2 week wait is the worst . Good luck to you too , when do you start? X

  • Keep my fingers crossed for you, leah30! :) Keeping positive is a great thing in the process definitely. We passed ivf with donor eggs in Biotexcom in Ukraine. So I would like to share some tips for the post embryo transfer which helped me. (I conceived with the 1st att!!). Hopefully they'll be helpful for you.

    After embryo transfer you should eat like you are pregnant with a healthy balanced diet with good nutrition and take your pregnancy vitamins including folic acid. Have a little pineapple as it is high in selenium, but don't go overboard as it has a chemical in it that can cause uterine contractions. I also had 5 brazil nuts a day for the selenium around treatment. Some protein food with every meal. Plenty of fruit and veg. Of course you can have sparkling water and a little chocolate is fine, just don't go mad! Avoid too much caffeine like tea/coffee/cola - but the odd glass is OK or the odd weak tea won't harm. Try and avoid toxins generally like artificial sweeteners in huge amounts. Try and eat pure foods. Avoid getting listeria or salmonella by avoiding raw egg products, under cooked foods, shell fish, out of date foods or foods that are high risk like mould ripened cheese, deli meats or coleslaw that is not an in date supermarket product. Avoid too much vitamin A - avoid liver or pate and don't take non pregnancy designed vitamin tablets.

    Wish you all the best of luck XX ;)

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