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Day 8 scan update for FET

Hi ladies

Just home from day 8 scan. My lining is 8.6mm so it's looking ok... Back on Monday for another scan and have to up my tablets to 4 a day now ohh and start the dalacin cream tonight.

All being well on Monday they'll contact Leeds who will then let me know when to start Pessaries and fragmin injections ready for fet.

Getting ever closer 😄😄

Holly x

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Hi isitonlyadream. Hoping that all went well with the scan today and that you can now proceed with the next stage. Hopefully not too long to wait for FET. Good luck! Diane


Hi Diane

Thank you. Fet booked for the 16th August and very excited and very scared in equal measure!!!



Hi Holly. You will be fine! Not too long to wait now, and keeping everything crossed for success. Diane


Thanks Diane... I just hope that the little one defrosts ok and gets back where they belong 😄

Hope you had a good break

Holly x


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