Injections update... Cycle one ICSI!

So we have now done two injections so far and other than the mixing being a bit fiddly it's not actually been that bad!! I iced my tummy for a minute before hubby injected me and just felt a slight burning sensation when the fluid was injected! I really wish I hadn't got myself so worked up about doing the injections, I'm still too much of a wimp to do them myself lol but feeling more positive about the rest of my treatment! Start the Cetrotide on Thursday morning then back for a scan Monday morning to see how the follies are coming along! Xxx

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  • Hope it all goes to plan for you hun xx lots of good luck wishes xxx

  • This will be me in a couple of months and I am definitely guilty of working myself up. It's so great to have a positive (or certainly not negative) post about injections. Wishing you all the best x

  • Thanks MrsHM I am the worst for worrying over everything, but I think we forget how strong we are sometimes! I feel a little bloated but it hasn't been anywhere near as bad as I thought, let's hope that continues! Best of luck on your journey, keep us updated 😊 Xx

  • Sounds like you're doing great Sprinkles! Hope the scan goes well on Monday :) x x x

  • Thanks huni I am a little confused why they are only scanning me on day ten of injections... I thought they normally scan around day 5/6 as well? Xx

  • They cancelled one of my planned scans too and I was a little confused. I think it's because there's not much to check at that stage and the later one is much more important.

    My DH used to remind me that they were the experts and I should have faith in what they recommend... though it's not always that easy is it?! x x x

  • You are so right MommaBear!! The lady who scanned me started talking to me about a hydrosalpinx she found last time she scanned me (3 years ago...) and started a lecture on doing IVF with a hydro... I asked her to stop talking and explained that if she had bothered to read my notes she would see that since then I've had two separate operations, one to remove the tube and one to remove extensive endo, so I'm in pretty good shape for IVF right now! She really upset me last time I saw her, when we were using clomid and we were getting married a month or two after, her response was 'well what on earth are you doing all this for??' 😤😡😤😡 xxx

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