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Pregnyl Storage

Hey, I've just gotten 4 months supply of pregnyl (2 vials which have to be mixed before injecting) for my husband and the nurse kept going on and on about the importance of keeping it at the right temperature, 2-8 degrees

Came home and bought a thermometer for my fridge, it was at 10 so I turned the fridge down a bit. Turns out I turned it up and the thermometer says the fridge is at 18 degress.

I'm freaking out, this is our first time with infertility drugs, have I messed them up on the first day?!

They have proabably been at this temp for at least 10 hours.

Any help and guidance would be appreciated

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I've always just put them directly in fridge and never checked temp


Just ring the clinic and check for your own peace of mind X


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