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Tooth ache and IVF


I'm currently a week away from egg collection and have excruciating tooth ache :-( in the winter the dentist told me I could have root canal treatment but I've managed to control the pain until last week. This morning, I spoke to the nurse and she advised that I ask the dentist to treat me like I'm pregnant, I went in to the dental surgery and the receptionist seemed really baffled and like the dentist wouldn't know what to do. I'm going back at 1:50 today for an assessment but want to be as prepared as possible, I'll take the names of my meds but does anybody have any other advise? I'd hate for them to take a risk because they don't really know what they can/can't do.

Thank you

Lucy xx

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They must have treated women who are pregnant so can treat you the same. Plus they must have other patients with medical conditions that could impact on treatment.The dentist should have more idea than the receptionist about appropriate treatment. I was part way through ICSI when I went for a general check up & clean. I did tell them as they request updates on medication etc & to be on the safe side! They didn't blink an eyelid.

I hope they can lessen the pain for you.


Thank you that's really helpful. X


Hi Lucyxox. Only just read this, so you will have been to the dentist by now, and I hope all went well. The only things I was taught to be wary of was any heparin (Clexane) you could be on may cause extra bruising and soreness. An x-ray would have been OK as they will cover your abdominal area, plus antibiotics should be OK to take too. Just pain killers if necessary but no anti-inflammatory drugs. Hope you're soon feeling better. Diane


Thank you Diane, the dentist removed the nerve but wanted me to check with the hospital before using X-ray to clean it out and fill it properly as he didn't have experience with previous IVF patients. All being well he will finish the procedure in Wednesday.

Thank you for your help X


Hi Lucyxox. Ouch! At least hopefully you will be out of pain now. Usually they have a lead apron to pop over your pelvic area prior to x-ray, which is usually very quick. Good luck! Diane


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