Sacked for doing ivf!!!

Girls, please make me feel "normal" again. i have been sacked for gross misconduct for swearing around my manager while grieving my miscarriage and failed ivf cycles. Can't believe it!!!

They say they "understand" and i have apologised about doing it and explained i didn't swear to her!! I'm gob smacked!!

Its so rubbish. i want to name and shame the company!! i have been told i have a legal case for sex discrimination and equality act as type 1 diabetic.

Going to seek legal advice as so annoyed and appeal it just to waste their time by appealing. i know they wont over turn what they say. but i want to claim compensation for it. seriously people do not understand what this ivf journey is like!

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  • OMG I was just thinking about you the other day wondering how you were getting on! -disgusting! 😡 What about the comments the other woman said to you? Absolutely appeal, drag out the process as long as you can! What a set of ars**oles

    If you appeal it has to be heard by different people other than the ones who have seen you up to press, to keep it impartial.

    Hope they are doing everything by the book or it will work out in your favour. Xx

  • It is absolutely shocking how I've been treated! I've taken some time over the weekend to be with family and "relax".

    I'm pursuing legal advice tomorrow to fight it. its not even to get my job back as i really couldn't care any more about working there but it feels like I'm fighting for my baby still so I'll do it. its the fact they dont acknowledge it happened or existed which makes me fight harder!

    The thing i need to discover is what i want from this as i have it in me to fight it to the end but need to know what i want from it. plus i need my fight for ivf if i go again so its difficult xxxx

  • Thanks awful, defo seek advice there must be something you can do xxx

  • I remember reading your posts about the difficulties with that manager. I'm sorry to hear you have been sacked. It seems OTT.

    Do you belong to a union? If so get them involved. Legal advice would be a good idea and they'd be able to advise if you have any chance of a successful appeal.

  • Unfortunately I'm not in a union.but will be after this now.

    I'm seeking legal advice to.see what i can get out of this - if anything! just be mice to.have someone on my side at work soon xx

  • After everything you have been through, they sack you? I am so disgusted by this and I really hope you drag it out till the end. You don't need this kind of stress but I hope you make them understand the mentally and emotionally draining IVF can be!!!

  • Thank you! i wrote them a pack about ivf and what I've been through and how it effects me with side effects and emotionally etc and they still havent acknowledged what i was going through!

    Then at the end of the disciplinary they said " i understand what youre going through" to which i interupted and asked when they went through as unless you or a close friend/relative has been through it, i can asure that you do not understand it. its just so insensitive!! xx

  • To sue them for dismissal by discrimination, you would probably have good cause to win and get compensation. Cases where someone is dismissed and there is accusation of discrimination over gender, race or disability will always look more favourably on the employee rather than the employer.

    I'm sorry to hear about this, it's rubbish.


  • Omg you poor thing!! That's disgusting!!! I would defiantly get a case against them... and if you are then defiantly don't name and shame because you wouldn't want it to ruin your case!! I hope you take them for everything you can get, I'm gobsmacked they have done that. I really feel for you and I hope you are ok. Sending you lots of hugs xxx

  • I'm building my case and will speak to a solicitor this week to find out what i could expect from it.

    There's some vile people on the world. makes me wonder if the punishment would have been the same if i had cancer or something people "accept" to be a health issue.

  • Omg that is soooooo shocking... I hope they get what they deserve!!!!!

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