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Hi all, I had my day 6 scan from the date of starting menopur. The nurse said they was about 10 follicles all measuring under 10mm apart from one that was 11mm. She said " my body is acting older than I am". That was a bit scary. The nurse has tripled my dosage of menopur and I have another scan this friday, hopefully they would have increased in size . .anybody else been in a similar situation??, any advice would be appreciated !!

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  • Hi ditsy999 I had the same at my first scan - only had 10 follicles. They didn't increase my meds but kept me stimming for two weeks. I have had my egg collection today and although I had 24 follicles at the last scan not all were big enough. I'm really happy though as we got 8 eggs from the collection and now we just have to wait and see how they get on overnight xxx

  • Thanks for the advice . . .I hope my follicles grow bigger . . good luck with your eggs and your transfer xx

  • They are apparently meant to grow 2mm a day. Try hugging a water bottle tonight, as warmth is meant to help at stimming stage X

  • thanks, i will try that tonight x

  • Hi i had this as well, they had to increase the dose i was on and eventually my body got its self in gear! And we got lots of eggs, i think it was 15 so dont worry they know what they r doing :) hooe your next scan is better xx

  • thank you hope mine does too, next scan is tomorrow, hoping for the best x

  • Hi ditsy999. Hope all goes/has gone well with your scan scheduled for today. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    I've just had the scan and they were about 10 follicles measuring 12.4, 14, 15. I have another scan on Monday, so hopefully will know more Monday. Does a hot water bottle help whilst stimming? Also is there anything else that can help?

  • Hi ditsy999. All good numbers which I feel sure will be on the increase over the weekend. I think you must be doing everything you can looking at your current results. I have heard about a hot water bottle can sometimes help. good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane !

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