ET and work!

Hi everyone,

Just wondering what you guys all did after ET? If everything goes okay I should get my transfer a week sat. I'm a nurse on a very busy ward and am on shift that day and the next (7:30-3:30).

If I get a later appointment then I could work the morning but then I'm thinking to take the two days off! The reason I'm asking now is my boss can get cover if I tell her now.

Thanks for reading.


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  • Tell her and get cover if I were you. Xx

  • Lucyloo81 I would get cover as we have been told I need to rest up after ET xx good luck hun

  • I'd get them to cover you. It's not worth taking any risks and your job isn't an easy one. I could make sure my diary was less busy and work from home plus I had the day of ET off work. My clinic said to take it easy for 2ww, no heavy lifting or housework so you might need to ask for light duties if that's possible. Some ladies get signed off for the 2ww.

    Hope ET goes well.

  • I would get as much time as you can. I don't think it makes a direct difference, but this is definitely worth prioritising over work for the time being.

    My work wouldn't let me go back in 2ww, I was disgruntled at the time but now realised I totally needed the time to recover and relax.

    Good luck xx

  • I'm currently off for a week after ET yesterday. My clinic said you can continue as normal but do whatever you feel happy with. I found after EC that I needed some time to get my head round things psychologically. I'm a doctor in a hospice and couldn't really be present for my patients. You'll have some lifting to do too which you should try and avoid. x

  • I took a week off after, there's no way I would have been ready before that but everyone is different. I got a sicknote from my GP which made it a little easier. Take as much time as your body needs x x x

  • Thank you everyone for replying 😘. Think I'm going to take some time off xxx

  • I would take the time off if you can get it. I wouldn't say I was sore but I was a bit uncomfortable after it. Defo recommend putting your feet up for a few days. Good luck. X

  • Hi im also a nurse and ive taken time off with both my ETs as its just not worth it and theres no such thing as light stress free work in nursing! Take the time to relax :) xx

  • Hi Lucyloo81. i used to encourage my nurses to have 2 or 3 days off. You can self certify or have a chat with your GP and get him/her to sign you off sick after having a "medical procedure" for a week. You're not telling porkies, so put your feet up for a bit. Hope all goes well with the transfer, and of course for success. Diane

  • Thank you Diane I'm going to see my senior on Friday after my scan. Hopefully she gives me annual leave days or I will just go to my doctor.xx

  • Hi Lucyloo81. Good luck with your senior - although it might be nice to hang on to your annual leave if you can. Good luck with whatever you decide. Diane

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