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Swimming query pre ET

Hi everyone

I hope you are well. I wondered if anyone knows if it's ok to swim while using pessaries, pre frozen embryo transfer?

I wouldn't swim after the transfer but it massively relaxes me so I want to have one last swim before FET on Wednesday. I also wouldn't swim towards the start but rather after its been in for some hours.

Also, while I'm here, I've heard suggestions I ought to be lying down for 30 mins after insertion but my nurses haven't advised that. Any thoughts?


Emily x

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I wouldn't advise you to swim. My midwife advised me not to swim after egg collection untill 2nd trimester, as it might cause pressure on uterus. And that's something you should avoid in order to have a BFP and further successful pregnancy. Try to find other ways to relax. Many ladies here used acupuncture. As for lying down for 30 minutes after insertion, I did that :) Actually, I did everything I heard would help the little one to stick in there.

Good luck to you!! 🌌


I can't advise about swimming but I know you have to be careful with exercise. As for the pessaries I would go by your clinics advice as each is different after my pessaries I have to go out for a walk for 20 mins. Good luck x


If they haven't told you to lie down then you don't need to. My clinic told me that older types of pessaries needed that but I was on utrogestan vaginal and they told me that as long as I used the applicator then I didn't need to lie down.

I wouldn't want to swim whilst using pessaries as they leak and I'd be worried about contaminating the water! However I've never heard that about compression of the uterus- my understanding was that swimming should be avoided after EC because of the risk of infection after having a needle up there! You haven't had EC this time so it shouldn't apply. I'd suggest ringing your clinic for advice x


I was told no swimming due to chance of infection all the way up to second trimester.

I didn’t lie down for 30 mind with the pressaries just to try and keep them in for at least 30 mins as doing hole number two they tended to not stay in for long x


Hi emilyphilosophy. I would leave the swimming for now, as it is easy to pick up infection, which you would want pre-transfer. Hope all goes well for you. Diane


My clinic advised me not to swim

Or be exposed to the sun during the 5 days we were waiting for a FET. Xx


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