Been through DE conception?


After our IVF came to an end the day after egg collection we had our follow up appointment 7 days later. Thanks for the questions Diane.

With a less than 2% chance of IVF working with my eggs we are now considering donor eggs.

I wonder if there are any women who would mind me asking them some questions? I've a lot!

Thanks in advance. xx

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  • We used DE for round 3. Sadly we got our 3Rd BFN but other ladies on here have had success. Have a look at The Donor Conception website, it answered a lot if my queries/concerns.

  • Thanks pm27. And thanks for still sharing :) x

  • After one failed go and one chemical we are considering DE we have an appointment next week at our new clinic to discuss options. I can try and help with what I have found out if you like just message me X

  • Thanks so much Button-123 xx

  • Hi Emu,

    I've been successful with DE 😀 Pm with your questions and I will answer what I can.


  • Thank you! :-) xx

  • Hello Emu . I'm sorry to hear your attempt with your own eggs was unsuccessful . 😨.... This journey isn't the easiest .

    I'm currently going through IVF with an egg donor . I was told a year ago I had less than 20% chance of a pregnancy using my own eggs , and a couple of years ago I did conceive naturally but sadly miscarried at 7 weeks 😪....

    It took me a while to get my head around donor eggs but I do believe there is a slightly better chance of a pregnancy in my situation.

    This is my first cycle and my donor actually has her eggs collected tomorrow , and the egg transfer will go ahead to me a couple of days after that .

    Obviously I don't know the outcome and pray everyday as I await that 2 week roller coaster but I'm happy to answer any questions regarding donor eggs ....

    Good luck and despite the set back , I would definelty not say it's the end of the road for you .

    Hugs xxx

  • Oh gosh, you're so far in to your journey! I had to try with my own eggs. It was so important to me. But I appreciate where we are. Do let me know how this week goes. Is this your nhs funded cycle? xx

  • Thanks ... Yes I'm 39 years old and get one cycle funded through CCG which goes through the NHS xxx

  • Good luck!!! I might ping you some questions xx

  • Hello, can I ask, how do they know you only have 2% chance of conceiving with your own eggs? Xxx

  • I think it's based on all your levels: amh, afc, fsh...

  • I'm in same boat.just taking the summer to decide what we want to do.its a lot to get head around xxx

  • It's (wrongly) so nice to hear I'm not alone. xx

  • I know what you mean x

  • I'm just about to go through treatment using both donor eggs and sperm. When you go over 40 the chance of it working can be very slim, however with DE and Sperm there is a 65% of it working - it took me a while to get my head around it as well but sometimes that is the only chance of being able to have a baby. A lot of women like us have to do it.

    If you want to ask anything, please do x

  • Wow. That must have taken some real thinking. Did you use anything additional to counselling to work your mind out? Good luck xx

  • Well, I'd had a a fair few nasty relationships and it caused a lot of pressure when I was trying to meet someone else as in the back of my mind I knew I wanted a baby - they either already had them or didn't want any more. So that's why I started my treatment on my own, the doctor said, you can find a relationship any time but you can't put off having children! Anyway, I had my 3 tries with IUI which sadly failed and the last opportunity was to use donor eggs, in my mind I wanted to feel that I tried everything I could (and afford) on trying to have a baby so that's why I decided to give it a go as I didn't want any more regrets.

    Also, there are a lot of women over 35 who have to use donor eggs for various reasons - I'm 44 and the clinic I go too, don't treat women with their own eggs when you hit that age any longer so there wasn't a lot I could do about it anyway really - but I've got my head round it now and I'm sure you will.

    Treatment isn't easy though which I'm sure you've experienced as well, it's very tough and does your head in sometimes!

    All the best to you x

  • What a journey! I'm glad you've got there in your head xx

  • I am using donor eggs so feel free to ask me questions also and I will try my best to answer them


  • How far into your journey are you jamjar? Thanks for sharing x

  • We've got 8 frozen donor eggs fertilised and ready. We've used one and we did get a BFP but unfortunately for us I only carried for 9 weeks. We plan to try again.

    We got matched fairly quick to our surprise as its a lot to get your head around but I knew that the baby would be ours with just a little help from a very special lady.

    Feel free to ask away with anything you would like. I won't be offended with tough or hard to ask questions. I've found this forum very helpful as we answer honest here and even those tmi questions lol so I want to share the kindness etc.



  • 14 was collected and 9 passed the fertilise and freeze process so yeah we got real lucky

  • Wow. Lots of smiles and hope!

  • We used donor eggs and got a bfp. Our little girl is now nearly 6 months old. Ask me as many questions as you like and I will try and help xx

  • Thanks Gemma!

  • I am in the same situation as you and looking at DE after 6 failed ICSI rounds. I am a waiting listing in the UK but also looking into options abroad. I swing from one side to the other ie do we go for DE or not. Still not totally sure but know it is this or nothing for us. Let me know what you decide and maybe we can share highs, lows, etc

  • Would be delighted to share highs and lows... And thoughts! x

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