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Heparin and IVF

I have seen quite a few posts recently about heparin and its use in pregnancy. Heparin has been used for some time for pregnancies so this isn't really new but I saw this article about heparin and IVF pregnancies, which may be of interest. It seems there is a gene that both men and women can carry that can result in miscarriage and heparin will improve the outcome of pregnancies in such situations. I find it interesting that if the man carries the gene, it can affect the outcome and there is a huge improvement in success if using heparin.


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Thanks for posting this TLove, I will be taking these info to my follow up appointment which apparently i've got to wait to see the specialist of which deciding when I start clexane and aspirin is the reason for me seeing the specialist. Very interesting that the male can also affect the outcome because as far as i'm aware my hubby has never been tested. Hope your doing well, I bet your exhausted but over the moon at the same time! And I love how you still support everyone else who is struggling on this site. Very hobourable of you! xx


It seems to be a relatively new study from the sounds of it. What can I say, I'm a bit of a science geek so these kinds of studies interest me especially when I've been using the drug they mention! All good here with the twins, 4 weeks already and I'm not going to lie, it is a big change and still finding our feet with them. It's exactly how you describe - tired but over the moon.

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