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Endometriosis and IVF


Having my second transfer mid Jan and just wanted to hear some success stories if you have horrible endometriosis but have still been able to conceive with IVF? I have been trying naturally for nearly 5 years and have had one failed IVF I just feel like endo wont let my body get pregnant. Any useful tips or info to help get pregnant with endometriosis? X

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hi hun,

i felt exactly like this! I honestly never thought i'd get pregnant. I tried naturally for years and i never got a positive ever. I have stage 3, and my tubes were checked and they were open. So i thought i must have implantation problems, and honestly didn't think anything was gona work. Lo and behold my second transfer gave me a bfp!!! Still shocked. I just hope it sticks and i don't get any problems.

Just don't give up hope. It can work. My best friend has stage 4, and her tubes were blocked and she was told she would never be able to conceive naturally. She tried for years, but a few months before her IVF she fell pregnant naturally and now she's 6 months along.

It WILL happen for you, just don't give up xxx

Lilac12 in reply to Lilac12

I just want to add, for my first transfer, i did everything i could to up my chances. Spent silly money on reproductive massages every week, acupuncture, really limited what i could and couldn't eat. When that transfer failed, i ditched everything. I ate what i wanted to eat but within limits, the main thing i did was drink plenty of water and just stayed ontop of my vitamins. I rested my mind and just really took it easy during my 2ww. On the day of the transfer i got a bad cold, which progressively got worse. The same night i had a fever, was having coughing and sneezing fits. This lasted for the week, and i honestly thought i was out. But somehow, despite all that it worked. I think just taking it easy and being stress free is the biggest thing x

Littlepeax in reply to Lilac12

Such a lovely inspiring message, thank you so much ♥️💫 really does give me hope. Huge congratulations to you, that's amazing. I have really taken what you have said on board. I tried acupuncture the day before and day of transfer and it made me feel a little stressed as was hard to get to. So this time I'm going to chill a little more. Did you have a medicated cycle? I was told my tubes were fine but still no luck naturally after so long. I also have thought about implantation issues, thinking it could be that xxx

Lilac12 in reply to Littlepeax

I'm glad it's given you hope. I have googled frantically about stories with people with endo going through ivf and success stories. Like you, my tubes were fine but still no luck. I had surgery to treat my endo, but my recto-vaginal endo was never treated due to it being high risk, so i always thought that might be contributing to implantation problems. I still have rectal pain - so i still feel endo symptoms everyday. I have endometriotic cysts too, and my ovary is tethered, so it's quite a mess in there. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you too. The average it takes for ivf to work is around 3 transfers, so i did mentally prepare myself for that.

I had a medicated cycle, my fresh transfer helped with my endo symptoms loads, but that was still a bfn. For my fet, i was still down regulated, but there were different drugs involved, and i felt it didn't help my endo symptoms. Still felt them there everyday, and it turned into a bfp. So there is just no knowing. And i've checked your profile, you're still quite young, so you have a lot going for you. I remember asking my fertility doctor why she thinks i had a chance at IVF, if after surgery my surgeon thought i wouldn't have any problems now, and was fairly confident i would conceive naturally, and 2 years later nothing. Why is IVF going to work? She told me, although my tubes were open, they still might not have been functioning properly. Not picking up the eggs due to endo. Or there might be adhesions that are preventing the egg from meeting the sperm. I was convinced my body can't implant, but i was wrong. Just keep positive hun. Wishing you lots and lots of luck, and really praying this next transfer will work for you xx

Littlepeax in reply to Lilac12

Thank you so much, that's very kind of you ♥️💫 feeling more positive already 😊 did you have progesterone injections? I've been given them this time as I got my period quite early last time (7dpt) hopefully they work a little better! How are you feeling at the moment in your pregnancy? X

Lilac12 in reply to Littlepeax

The first transfer i didn't, and like you i had an early bleed at around 8dpt. This time i was on the pessaries as well as progesterone injections. I think that made a big difference.

I'm feeling really tired and worn out, get really nauseous in the evenings, but i'm not complaining. Just really grateful. Got everything crossed for you x

Littlepeax in reply to Lilac12

Ahh hopefully the injections help me more this time 🥰 thanks so much for your help and info. Take it easy and enjoy your pregnancy ♥️ xxx

Just to give you hope my beautiful little granddaughter just had her 1st Birthday. She was born after IVF my daughter had severe endo and a large ovarian cyst she had a previous ectopic pregnancy and was very low going into her IVF .W wishing you all the very best x

Aww amazing 🥰💫 thank you so much xxx

Several ladies on here had successful pregnancies with endo. Do a search for Jess, her story very encouraging.

What timing. , Jess1981 posted yesterday. Tap her name and read her story posted 2months ago. Im sure you will be encouraged.

Littlepeax in reply to Elynn

Will do; thanks so much 😊 xxx

I don’t have “horrible” endometriosis, but I guess bad enough to cause infertility. I had surgery this time last year to remove growths and my left Fallopian tube as it had flipped inside out and fused shit with scar tissue. There were still some cysts on my ovaries that they left rather than risk damage.

I had undiagnosed infertility starting eight years ago when I started trying to conceive with my second husband after having three natural, easy pregnancies in my early 20s. I didn’t know about the endo then, and I conceived my now 4-year-old daughter through our first found of IVF.

When we started trying again, I had a hydrosalpynx (the now-removed tube), and have had three pregnancies since, two of which ended in miscarriage. I’m 6 weeks now and hoping this is the one. Endometriosis SUCKS, but there is definitely hope!

Littlepeax in reply to Kikiwaits

♥️💫 thank you

Me! 🤞 We had our first round cancelled as they found fluid in one of my tubes, had a laparoscopy and a tube removed in July other tube found to be pretty blocked too and severe stage four endo sticking lots of things where they shouldn't have been. Had three months of prostrap injections while I recovered then started our second round which now has me at 8 weeks pregnant! Still can't believe it has happened but it is possible so try and be kind to yourself xxxxxxx

Aww amazing, huge congrats to you ♥️💫 thank you so much xxx

I have stage 4, lost my left ovary at 37 to endo. Started treatment at 38 and got pregnant first round of icsi with one frostie aswell. Unfortunately the fet ended in bfn but flung for another fresh round at the moment at 41 and hoping to defy the odds again

Littlepeax in reply to emmab178

Thank you for your message. We have to keep going! Good luck with your next transfer ♥️💫

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