TSH high at 2.87 and vit D low at 37!

Hi all. Am on route to a trip to Spain end of August for DE and had some blood tests done this week in prep. Turns out my tsh is a bit high and my vit d is a bit low. Anyone had experience of either of these please? I'm wondering if this was the cause of the early losses? I am being sent a prescription to tackle it but can't help but wonder...

Can anyone help advise on the impact of these abnormalities please?


Baby dust to everyone xxx

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  • Hi your tsh and is not drastically high, depending on your lab ranges, mine needs to be between zero and 3 ttc and when pregnant.

    My booking bloods had vit d of 38 which again is in normal range for the labs in Leeds

    When my tsh was nearer 4 I couldn't get pregnant. I think this was the reason. I am Currently 17 weeks pregnant and have a thyroid blood test every four weeks.

    Have they started you on levothyroxine? I also take 200 vitamin d which is now recommended ttc and through pregnancy.

    High tsh has been linked to miscarriage, there's a couple of ladies on here that have been through this.

    I'm sure some of them will see this post and help you out xxx

  • Thank you miss winky, and congratulations! πŸ˜€ Hoping this results and treatment will make the difference this time. Does 200 mean the dose of vit d? So is that multiple tablets? Thank you for your help and best wishes for your pregnancy xx

  • High Bighope, I have been told today that my TSH was quite high and they may need to put me on Thyroxiene before we have our first cycle so it has a better chance of success. From what I gather medication can fix it fairly easily but it is something you keep needing to monitor but again I am not too sure x

  • Thank you raglee, I'll be on thyroxine and a big whack of vit d! Hopefully this will do the job. As you say it's all about giving ourselves the best possible chance. Good luck with your treatment xx

  • Hi, I can't remember what my figures were for tsh but I know that it was high but still within range and this was enough for my GP to say I had hypothyroidism. Once I was on the right dose of meds, I got pregnant easily so it has a huge impact on getting pregnant in the first place but also carrying the pregnancy successfully. I get my bloods tested every 3 months to make sure I'm on the right dose. During pregnancy you should be tested more often.

    You mention vitamin D as well - I wondered if you'd been tested for sticky blood because many people with sticky blood also have thyroid issues and vitamin D deficiency. You should have been tested for this if you've had 3 or more early miscarriages.

  • Thank you t love, and congratulations πŸ˜€ that's really the interesting link between all of the issues and early mcs (I've had 5). It seems we need such finely balanced levels of everything it's amazing anyone conceives naturally at all! Thank you and best wishes xx

  • Your tsh would be normal if you weren't trying to conceive. Really high would be over 10. Fertility clinics prefer levels to be less than 2.5 which will decrease the risk of miscarriage. Drugs work quickly so you have time for the level to lower appropriately. Very best of luck.

  • Thank you ally, that's reassuring that there's still time to sort this. And that's the level is not abnormal, just not ideal. Hope alls well with you xx

  • Hi Bighope4. Your thyroid hormone is just that - one of your hormones, which should be within normal limits as all your other hormones should. However, it looks as if you will be starting some treatment for this, so fingers crossed your TSH level will improve. More and more of us are suffering with low Vitamin D levels too, because we travel in cars and buses, work indoors and cover ourselves with high factor sun creams! Some Vitamin D tablets should help here too. Eat eggs, fish, fortified cereal and cheese, which are rich in Vit D. Hope all goes well with the DE - and you enjoy a bit of holiday too. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, I'm on a vit d mission now! All of these levels seem to have an impact and so sorting them will hopefully increase the chance of success in Spain. Fingers crossed πŸ™ Thank you x

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