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Feeling low and unhopeful


Test day is Tuesday am Tuesday had a bit of a meltdown crying saying it hasn’t work again yesterday feel low and crying again is this normal and still be in with a chance of being pregnant ? Really want to go and buy so pregnancy test and do them as of today until Tuesday. If it is bfn the it would soften the blow? I am just all over the place just now this waiting is torture. Would 6dpt a 5dpt show up just now? Has anyone out there felt low and shit and had a positive outcome? Xx

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Hi, I felt really low and negative for my whole second cycle especially in the tww and I got a positive! I felt positive and hopeful for the first cycle and that was negative. I dint think our feelings indicate anything or affect anything. Hope that helps.

Gives me hope thank you xx

Ahhh I’m so sorry you’re having a tough time, it’s these waits that are emotionally so hard. Can you distract yourself with a series? Try suits or the goodwife? Breaking bad? I’m weak, I’d have tested by now. Maybe hold out another day or two if you are going to test early and use a first response early result xxx

Littledee88 in reply to Orla9298

My husband does not want to test early but I am really struggling just now, he’s off this week so will have company and Monday I will be driving 3 hours to get too Glasgow for my test on the Tuesday going to try and keep my mind off it. Xx


You can do this! Don’t give up. I don’t think testing early will soften the blow- nothing makes it easier if it is negative but hopefully it won’t be! Be kind to yourself and try to distract yourself. I ended up doing some cross-stitch!! Good luck x

Littledee88 in reply to Hidden

Going to try and keep busy and try get more positive this week keep getting cramps as if my periods about too come, xx

Don't give up you will get all the answers soon enough. It's so hard to be positive through all of this treatment. I wish you all the luck you deserve x

Thank you and good luck on ur journey hun xx

I’m 5dp5dt and OTD isn’t until next Friday! Right with you on how hard the wait is. I’m just trying to distract myself as much as I can. A good box set is my lifeline! I can’t bear the idea of getting negative then an anxious wait until testing a few days later etc so I’m going to hold out and then just know for sure either way! Hope your ok and sending you best wishes 😘 xx

Thank you and hope ur 2ww goes in as quick as it can and will get everything crossed 🤞 for ur bfp hun Xx

You will be fine Littledee88. I think our emotions go all over the place. Feeling low and ready doesnot mean it has not worked. Yesterday I was so hyper in a positive way and I never understood why I felt like that until today. Remember we take lots of drugs in the cycle. Praying for you for a positive on Tuesday.xx

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