Constipation and low appetite

Hi ladies,

I had my egg transfer yesterday im so constipation and have such a low appetite has anyone else had the same problems after there egg transfer and know any think i can take for it , im so scarred to try and force my self in trying to go in case i hurt our chance, im not sure in taking any pills for constipation can harm the embryo? please help xxx

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  • Hi don't worry its normal to feel constipated and bloated after egg transfer, these will settle within a week. I would advise you to drink warm water or hot milk which will help you with the constipation but try not to push yourself. I hope this help. Best of luck i hope you get the positive result i know how stressful are the 2 ww xxx

  • Hi babylonia, Thankyou so much for your reply i will try drinking hot milk and warm water and hope it helps i am doing my best in trying not to push and getting a little worried now since i have'nt been able to go since yesterday morning before my ET and sorry about tmi but that wasn't much. And thankyou you so much we are trying to remain positive and as thats all i've been doing is worrying and my husband and mum has told me to stop worrying and just think positive but its so hard to do i woke up during the night with a hot sweat and like period pains and needing to go to the loo for a wee and i was so scared to wipe incase there was blood it took me hrs to get back off to sleep. XXX

  • I was extactly the same so its like reading my own experience. At some point i thought everything i do can fail my ivf, every time i went to loo i used to.check for blood although i had on 2 times spotting which lasted couple of hours and really stressed me a lot, but even after getting positive there is always tension if everything is going fine. It hard not to stress but just try to keep yourself busy with something you are enjoying to do, plenty of rest and fluids. During my 2 ww i felt really dizzy and was running to loo during the night which never happened before. You might feel some cramps which is absolutely normal.

  • Thats extactly how im feeling everthing i do can fail it and harm my little embryo, i know from writing it that it sounds so silly but im even scared to pick up the kettle or even making the bed incase its to much exercise, i am doing my best to try and relax and not stress or worry. I am finding im going to loo more for a wee during the night and i have no appetite for any thing but i think that is because im so constipated i do feel like its coming after trying some hot milk and a bowl of fruit and fibre last night but im just that scared in trying to go and pushing, so sorry about tmi. It just feels like my period is coming on, my hubby just keeps on telling me that i worry to much and stay positive and stop thinking negative im trying my best but this means the world to us and we don't have the money to try again. Thankyou so much for your support its really nice to know thats it not just me thats feeling it. How far are you gone ? Wishing you all the best with the pregnancy. xxx

  • hi it is a really hard 2 weeks. you do feel like you period is coming and I felt really bloated too in fact I had to wear a bigger pair of trousers at work. However its all normal and just take one day at a time. I went back to work a few days after transfer as I felt it was better to keep busy. Good luck

  • Hi nellynel, Thankyou for your reply it is i was told the 2 ww is the hardest part of it, thats what im trying to do take one day at a time and trying not to worry, im the same really bloated i already like im 4 mths preg. I have just called my clinic and they have told me either 2 things i can get and safe in taking for the constipation if nothing else is working and i also spoke to the embryologist at the time and very upset as our 2 other embroys did'nt make it so we have none left to freeze. And thankyou were doing our best in trying to remain positive during the 2 wk wait. xxx

  • The hot sweats is just some of the drugs leaving your body. I had it every time! (7 times) and I did have a successful pregnancy on number 6. I even had really bad cramps a few times right at the beginning. So bad, that the one treatment that worked I was convinced the test was wrong! So really, your body is going to do what it wants!

  • Thankyou Filmgirl101 and thanks to you all for the lovely replys and help. Anyway after calling my clinic yesterday and the nurse telling me i could try either 2 things for the constipation (Lactulose or Fybrogel ) and after my lovely hubby getting me some Lactulose yesterday its always the case i manage to go with out even trying the Lactulose and feeling much better and so relieved xxx

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