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Hi we have starting preparations for our frozen embryo transfer which has had to be put on hold for a little bit due to an annoying cyst on one of my ovaries 😡!! I was just wondering if anyone had any information on embryo grading and success stories our first day five blast that wasn't successful on our first fresh round was 4ab but the one they froze that we will be transferring this time is 3bb? Any info would greatly appreciated I realise the frozen one is clearly lower grade than the one we transferred last time that didn't work. Thanks xxxx

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  • hi, our fresh blastocyst was a 5AB which failed, they thawed 3 embryo's to get the one currently on board (I'm in 2ww) the one I have was a 4BB when frozen, but is actually a better quality than the 2 they thawed first, which were 5BB and 4AB - the 5BB didn't survive the thaw and the 4AB only thawed 70%, my 4BB currently on board thawed 95% and was rapidly multiplying so you really can't tell! The grade at which they freeze isn't the same when they come out! Just to add more uncertainty to the IVF game!

  • My first FET was a 5AA and that failed. This time I two embryos transferred a 4ba and a 3bb put back and I found out Sunday that it has worked. Don't read too much into the grading - I saw a post here a few weeks ago where a lady had a 2ba transferred and her baby has just been born. As embiemomma says embroys can actually improve after thawing our first FET it was rated 5bb when frozen but 5aa by the time they transferred.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thanks for this post, its also given me a little hope. I've recently done a fresh cycle of which a 5bb was transferred which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. We only had 1 to freeze of which was only a 5bc so I too have been worried that it won't even thaw. Fingers crossed for us both and thank you to the other comments as they've made me feel a little better x

  • Thanks the comments on here have really helped put my mind at ease also, hopefully we both have strong little blasts when they are thawed baby 2016. It's hard when they tell you the grades not to become obsessed isn't it! Fingers crossed for a good cycle this time xxx

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