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Impatiently waiting

So, I have to wait for my period to start and count it as day one, phone the clinic, get my timetable to start the medication, wait until day 21 and get going. The only problem is that my period is now two days late and there is no sign of it. The one time I am waiting on it and it is blooming late!

I know that I should try and keep calm and not get stressed out about it but I really want to get started on the whole thing and feel like I am sitting in limbo at the minute.

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The waiting is awful and our bodies play tricks on us. Mine did exactly the same thing when I was waiting to start, I even thought for a second I may have fallen pregnant naturally. Try to keep busy to take your mind off it and it will eventually show up! Good luck xxx


Me too! In the end I thought to myself it will cone when it is good and ready, and it did! Good luck


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