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Feedback from our Review Appointment

Evening Ladies, I think today is the first time since our miscarriage back in January that I feel the slightest glimmer of hope about anything! We hadn't seen this consultant before but she was lovely and answered the questions I went armed with.

I asked about NK testing and chromosomal testing of the embryos but she said she didn't think in our case either would be worthwhile at this stage. She said the chances of success haven't changed so 30% chance of a successful cycle but that with this being our third cycle that statistically 65% of couples get to the point of having a baby in the first three cycles. I think my prayers have started to fit into that statistic.

I have a call with the clinic in the morning to arrange dates but that I will be having EC in September. So we will be able to start when we return from holiday and have something after the holiday to look forward to and focus on. That is exceptionally exciting for us as that's what I had hoped would be agreed after today.


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Glad you are feeling positive and ready for next round. Enjoy your holiday, think of if it as a pre baby moon!! Wishing you all the best for September. X


I am happy to hear of your positive outcome. Those little bits of good news are enough to make us feel more enthusiastic and the adrenaline to start again kicks in ☺.

I am also in the process of a new cycle and estimate FET by August 😊 ( misscaried in May).

Have fun on your holidays and best wishes for when you return and start again.

Warmest wishes x


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