Just my luck to get shingles just as I start my med! !!

Yep I've got shingles on the top of my right arm, I've had them 8 times over the last for years and it's not painful for me I'm just fatigued. My question is as I'm on the pill for 10 more days before I start stims, do you think I could get away with antibiotics from gp- I just don't want to abandon this cycle I've been waiting 2 years for 😢xx

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  • I got shingles a few years ago was put on anti viral medication for mine but hopefully Ul get to have ur cycle xx

  • Awe sorry to hear that, I hope it wasn't painful for you. It's a nuisance it's happened at the wrong time, luckily they have started to scab over 😃x

  • mine were really painful xx

  • 😡

  • It's difficult...best to check with your consultant. You want to be as healthy as possible, not be worried that your body is already trying to get better from something else?

  • True, they seem to have started to scab over which is a good sign, I must have had them for while and not noticed. But yes I will ring the clinic for advice. Thanks x

  • I had them on last round. Everything went ahead as planned. Not allowed to take the antiviral though! Good luck!

  • That's reassuring to hear your cycle wasn't cancelled. How did you get on? 😃

  • Hi sum1sweeta. I doubt that you would be prescribed antibiotics unless you have developed an infection. As you will know shingles is a viral problem, so you may be able to be offered an antiviral - you will have to ask. i would also see your GP about being vaccinated against shingles as you have had it so often. Usually, vaccination is not offered until you reach 70 years of age, but I think in your case it might just be appropriate. Hope all goes well with your treatment when you do eventually start. Diane

  • Hi Diane, thank you for your advice, I will ask about the vaccination, I also have chrons I think that may be contributing factor to my low immune system. I started treatment on the 3rd of july (day 17 in my cycle) I've started will 11 days of the pill and then I'll will have 10 days stimmin'. It seems a much quicker cycle this round which is good for me as I had a horrible in my last cycle. Can I just ask your advice, whilst I had a medication appointment at the clinic, the nurse said I wasn't allowed to take my haywire tablets or pregnecare vitamins. I understand we are advised not to have herbal remedies or any other medication as it could effect the fertility drugs, but surely pregnancy vitamins are a good thing especially because of my chrons of the ileum and not being able to absorb vitamins. ?? 😃

  • Sorry hayfever tablets not haywire lol

  • Hi sum1sweeta. Not too sure whether i agree about the multivitamins. I can't see any reason to stop a good quality well known brand, especially as you still need to have your Folic Acid. I would check that out with the specialist or your GP. Also the common “non-drowsy” hay fever anti-histamines are usually OK to take whilst going through treatment, but need to be stopped when pregnant. There is an ointment called “Hay Max” which you can get from “Holland & Barrett” which is completely organic and harmless. It is just a cream that you put up your nostrils to catch pollen etc and I believe it works well. They do make other products too which might be beneficial for you. I’m sure your GP will reassure you further. Take care and I do wish you well with this cycle.

  • Thank you, I'll buy haymax I really need it lol. I couldn't understand being advised against pregnecare it's go everything in we need. Thanks again x

  • Hi sum1sweeta. I hope you soon feel better re your hay fever. It's a nightmare at the best of times - I know! It's been particularly windy here in the West Midlands, so all the pollen has been going crazy! Good luck! Diane

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