Finally a BFP!!

I had every symptom of my period coming and I thought all hope was lost. Then on Tuesday evening my OHSS returned so i rang the clinic Wednesday morning. The brought me in for a scan yesterday and did my blood test 2 days early. It was positive I was in shock for hours, I still can't believe it!

Anyone know how long the OHSS will last now? Not that I mind because it means I'm pregnant but it would be good to know what I'm in for!

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  • Can't help with the OHSS but congratulations on the BFP! Have the clinic given you any advice about the OHSS?

  • Thanks! I was starting to think this would never happen to me.

    Clinic just said keep moving & drink plenty they couldn't say how long it would last.

  • Yay that's amazing news hon

  • Congratulations πŸ˜€ X

  • Lovely news, congratulations!x

  • Congratulations 😊. I had OHSS and got a BFP. I would say from egg transfer it lasted for about 4-5 weeks. The nauseous feeling subsided first (although returned for me once morning in my case all day sickness comes haha) but it was mainly the swelling that took its time to go away. I was still swollen for quite a few weeks however it did gradually go down. When I had my 7 week scan there was still some fluid however nothing like what it was. Good luck and congrats again ☺️ X x

  • Amazing news. Congrats hun x

  • I am so happy for you xx

  • Yay! Well done belfast1 I remember we went through Ivf/ICSI back in June last year and it didn't work. Now we're both pregnant! πŸ˜€

  • Yes I remember! Congrats to you too!

  • Hi Belfast1. Fab news and well done you! Regards to the OHSS, this can carry on for up to a month post egg collection. Just make sure you keep drinking plenty and rest when you can. Diane

  • Thanks Diane I'm still in shock!

  • Lovely congratulations x

  • Congratulations!! I'm 26 weeks pregnant with our wee ICSI miracle & still can't believe it! Enjoy every second of it xxx

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