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So my official test day has been and gone and I got my long awaited BFP. Feeling incredibly blessed and lucky and have rang the clinic today to book my viability scan which will be on 24th July. Another wait begins!

I've been feeling quite down and scared since I started testing early last week but have told myself to just enjoy it now, this is the most pregnant I have ever been and what will be will be so I may as well keep positive and let myself enjoy it as much as I can.

Baby dust to all. It's been a long five years for us but we're making headway and I wish us all the same result. Love, hugs and lots of luck to all.

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Oh what amazing news!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

I bet you are over the moon. Try to relax and enjoy now :)

Only 2 more weeks to wait for your scan :) xxx


Ahh congratulations :-) Definitely try to enjoy it. Hopefully the 24th comes quickly! sending lots of love xxx

Congratulations great news xxx


Great news! Xxx

Ahhhh great news.... massive massive congratulations xxx

Congratulations! Great news xx

Congratulations xx

Just wanted to wish you a big congratulations what a journey it has been, i wish you be blessed with 9 beautiful months! Goodluck with it all xxx

Great news, congratulations!

Does that give you a 6 week viability scan? Mine is 6 weeks next week, thought it might have been 7/8 weeks but I guess it's good less time to wait

Congratulations, that’s brilliant news after all them years xxxx

Congratulations!! Fantastic news xx

Oh lovely news clever you !

Congratulations x

Congratulations lovely hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy


Congratulation I have my 5 weeks scan on the 23rd of July so we are waiting togeather xx


Congratulations great news waiting is difficult but relax all the best

Brilliant news. So happy for you. Thank you for sharing. It's so exciting and heartening to see that it can happen. Xxx


Congratulations Bumble - such lovely news. Xx

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