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So just found out after 3rd round of treatment it's not worked again. Was getting all symptoms of pregnancy and was beginning to get hopes up (a mistake I know but just can't help it). But spoke it over with other half and decided to take a break from treatment till next year. But anyway to try pick myself up again I have been looking into other ways to try help me ovulate naturally and normally (I haven't ovulated naturally since coming off pill 3 years ago) and came across agnus castus remedy. Has anyone else used this? And have you used it along with normal vitamins (zinc, folic acid etc)? Any info would be grateful.x

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  • Hi Nic87 I am so sorry you feel this way and can totally relate to you. It's so horrible when you get your hopes up, maybe a break will do you good, it horrible how infertility can rule your whole life even if you try and not let it. I wish you all the best. Enjoy your time out and remember to laugh and be happy xxx

  • Hi nd1987, thanks for your support. How are you getting on? You were also waiting weren't you?x

  • Hi! Yes I'm still waiting! No period but have cramps. I also tested again today and it's negative. I went out and brought the normal clear blue sticks to try tomorrow because I've been trying the digital ones and I heard some women say there not good. But I am not too sure! I will probably start tomorrow! X

  • Yeah I heard that about the digital ones too. Aww I so hope it's good news for you! Keeping everything crossed for you.Keep me posted on how you get

  • Just to let you know I had another negative!! Not sure what's up....x

  • I know it's really difficult but what about leaving it a couple of days then retesting? I read that they are not always trustworthy at this stage. Maybe also getting blood sample taken if still not arrived next week to see what's happening?

  • Thanks nic87. I took another test yesterday morning and it was a negative! Also feeling very bloated now. I am late by 6 days. I will call the hospital tomorrow and let them know what's happening xx

  • Good luck,I really hope it works out for you, keep me updated. Just found out one of my best friends is preggers and they have also been trying for 3 years. She had a miscarriage last year but everything seems to be looking good so far for her so really happy for them! Kinda gives you hope that it can happen!☺ I'm feeling a bit more positive now. Looking forward to not having to take injections for a while and getting some normality back! and booked my first reflexology session so got that to come soon. Got everything crossed for you though xxx

  • Awwww that's so great!!! It's always nice hearing success stories. I was at a bridal shower yesterday and there were so many babies around me! It makes me feel like I'm so ready to start a family. I don't know what's happening with my body now though! Part of me thinks maybe my period will be delayed because last month was a treatment month so iv had all the medicine etc in me. Then there is another part of me that she secretly hoping and praying I am pregnant and that there will be a happy ever after! Let's see what happens but I will keep you updated. Hope the reflexology makes you feel relaxed xx

  • I took it for a while ages ago. I'm sure it's one that you are only meant to take it pre ovulation....

    I stopped it when I started clomid on request of the gyne.

    It might be worth seeing an infertility reflexologist. I saw a general one with IVF and have since found an infertility one...they are very knowledgable and ours has helped more than some of our doctors!!

  • Hi holibob, Yeah some of the info says that you are meant to stop it just before ovulation then start taking it again but others say it is a good remedy to take to try get ovulation going again. I will also look into the reflexology, thanks for the advise. I hope you are doing OK. X

  • Sorry to Hear your cycle didn't wrk . I alway used to have irregular periods from age 11 when I started periods right up until a few years ago ( I'm 39 now) I have pcos so that was why.

    I started using progesterone cream anout 15 years ago which is all natural . I found that was the only thing that regulated my periods.

    Some women use it that are going through the menopause .

    This was the only thing that worked for me .

    You can buy it online ( if your interested to know more please private message me and I'll find the details for you .

    I have also tries Angus castus , personally I feel anything natural is better .

    Also , have you tried Accupuncture ?

    Let me know if you want more details . X

  • I used it but not really sure it worked. Can recommend seeing a Chinese doctor though. Mine really helped with prescription of red date soup I had to have every night. She was also a naturopath and prescribed me different supplements coQ10 and evening primrose. They definitely changed things in cm in the month before my so far successful transfer.

    Good luck!

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