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Hi ladies

So I had my first accupunture session today and the lady has asked me to see her again before our third iui. However she also said the more sessions I get in before will help! I mean at 50 pounds per session I was hoping it would be a monthly thing than a daily thing! Just wondering how often you ladies had accupunture and at what times. Thanks xx

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Hey had a session a week for almost 3 months, made no difference to out come or egg quality 😣also took supplements, cut out caffeine, sugar etc.

Next time I'm going to be me. Let mother nature do her best.

If you're stressing about costs it's not worth it. It's counter productive 😉

I firmly believe just try be healthy avoid caffeine and alcohol, clearly don't smoke. The rest, you cannot control 😘

Good luck hon


Hi nd - I arrived a bit late to the acupuncture party because I wasn't sure how I felt about it. So my first session was when I started stimming. I had two sessions before EC and one a week after ET. I got my BFP this week. Mine was £35 a session and he said ideally they would recommend 3 prior to EC and one after x x x


Hi there

I had it weekly prior to my last cycle, in preparation for that but also for endometriosis, which it has helped massively with. My egg quality was really good but of course I can't prove it acupuncture helped with that, however it did help me feel calmer & more relaxed. That cycle didn't work though but I still feel it was worth it because of the improvement I saw in my endometriosis.

£50 is a lot though, you don't want to end up stressed by the cost. Monthly has got to be better than not at all, however I'm no expert sorry 😕 Good luck with your iui xx

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Thanks for your help ladies. The lady said to me that she would like to see me every day until the iui! She said I have left it too late and I need my body to be in a good condition. I mean so many people go to her so I know she is good at what she does but I can't afford to go every day! I will try Weekley or fortnightly. My next session is next Monday! The session today was 30 minutes. Was yours that long to? X


Yes, 10 minutes chat and needle stabbing (haha j don't know what the official term is!) then 20 minutes calm :) there are other things to can do in addition to get your body ready, acupuncture is a bonus. I think if you can afford once a week that's great but if it's once a fortnight it should be any less effective. Mine wasn't x x x


I started having it once a week a month or so before I started IVF and then all through treatment and am still having weekly sessions. It's expensive for me too and I can't keep going like this forever but for me it has been a very positive experience. Every problem I have had along the way (constipation, headaches, anxiety, morning sickness) has been managed so well through the acupuncture. I wasn't a believer before and was only going so I could tick the box and say I had tried everything, but now I really look forward to my weekly sessions.

I think once a day is excessive but once a week for a while may really help your body and mind. Good luck xxx


I only started when I started stims as well. I had a session a week. The most important ones I had was an hour before ET and one after ET. I then had a session once a month for 3 months. My acupuncturist said that was adequate. Not sure how much it helped but I'm 34+3 weeks pregnant now :) Good luck xxx


Thank you so much for your reply ladies! I just wasn't sure what was a normal amount of time to be spending on accupunture! I will go with once a week and see how it goes! Thanks again. Congratulations to those who have got their BFP and to those that haven't I am sure we will get there very soon! Xxx


I went weekly a month before icsi and during x


I spent Loads of money on acupuncture. I had acupuncture for my iui cycles (3) then my first round of IVF which was eventually cancelled as I was a poor responder to the drugs. For my next round of IVF I thought I'm not going to interfere with anything and I just made sure I ate healthy and exercised regularly leaning up to it. Thankfully this worked for us and I am currently sat here feeding my 17 week old. My words to you are think wisely can you really afford to spend all that money. Will it really make a difference.


Hi Gemma thank you for your reply. It is true what you have said and I am going to only do these session as long as I can afford them! I won't be doing them daily as she has suggested. We are currently in the process of having ivf just waiting for our first appointment to discuss everything. I am eating well (as well as I can!) Not much else I can do really. Your story has made me smile. I suffer from endromestosis so I think that's not helping us conceive. Xx


Glad I made you smile. Good luck with your journey and remember to keep a sensible head on when it comes to acupuncture xx



I went to acupuncture for our first cycle which sadly failed. Paid £205 for 6 sessions weekly then another £80 for one the day before EC and one the evening of ET.

As not a great believer in it I thought I'd try it and tried a great many things for that cycle... No white bread, avocado everyday, no alcohol, protein about 70g per day, Brazil nuts, gentle walking everyday ... You name it I did it!!! Sadly none of it worked.

We have a frozen embryo and will be starting FET soon and this time I won't bother with the acupuncture and I think I'll leave it all with Mother Nature. It was expensive and I still think that driving to go see her on my day of transfer did more harm than good.

It's a personal choice and if it makes you feel better then great but please don't put all of your hopes onto it being a miracle cure, I did and it let me down.

Good luck, holly x


I had weekly sessions for the first 6 weeks and then the frequency can be reduced after that. It seems to have a cumulative effect so it is good to have more appointments at the beginning if you can afford it. Good luck X


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