7dpt and struggling to remain optimistic

hi there

does anyone have an tips on staying optimistic?

I had 2 x 5day embryos transferred - 4BA and 4BB - last Tuesday (7th June)

Ive had a few crampy pains (low down - a wee bit like AF pains), sore heads (but this is probably stress), and i've been V constipated (sorry -TMI)

I've to do my test this Friday...and i am REALLY dreading it...dont think i can handle BFN.

This is our first IVF and i have turned 41 two weeks ago...so time is NOT on our side

Your tips on surviving the 2WW and remaining positive would be very much appreciated!! xx

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  • Hi snowwhite - sorry to hear you're not feeling great :( The 2ww gets us all but trust me you'll be doing fab! Just make sure you're eating and resting well and that's as much as you can do. Plenty of water to help your headaches/tummy, the progesterone will be playing havoc with your digestive system. I found coconut water helpful too.

    If you can get out of the house to do fun things it can help - go and visit friends, pop out for tea, go to the cinema; even if you're still thinking about it the time will go quicker and you can't drive yourself quite as crazy if you're out in public! :)

    I know it's hard but take it one day at a time and you'll get there... hope you feel much brighter soon... think of your embies, they'll keep you going :) x x x

  • Thanks MommaBear16, work is keeping me busy - but you're right, I probably need to occupy my mind a bit more at night. Thanks MommaBear - i hope you're feeling good! xxx


    (I'm gonna buy some coconut water - i love it, so hopefully that will help my tummy probs) - thank you xx

  • It's so hard - DH keeps telling people our 2ww went really quickly, I honestly want to punch him in the face when he says this! For me it was torture! haha Oh I love coconut water now! When I first tried it I thought it had gone off (it didn't smell great to me) but now I love it! :0 x x x

  • yeah, mine is totally playing it all down, but i think its because he knows howi'll be if we get a BFN.

    Just been to the shops...coconut water bought! 4 sleeps till i can test! xxx

  • The progesterone really makes you feel like AF is coming. Good luck. The 2ww is brutal!

  • aargh it sure is!! i think because I have NO control over my body, mother nature etc...

    keeping everything crossed

  • Good luck for OTD XX

  • Thank you - 3 more sleepsxx

  • Hello snowwhite2705, i'm feeling the same, and i'm only 3dp5dt. Its horrible isn't it! I've had cramping the last few days and woke today with nothing and even my boobs don't feel as sore today! But i've got something planned for everyday this week, cinema, seeing friends and meals out so i'm hoping this all passes the time! Good luck for test day xx

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