Embryo transfer tomorrow! How much to drink?

I'm so nervous and worrying about everything but trying not to >__< they said I need a full bladder. I've had scans before for other things (bladder/kidney etc) and they always told me exactly how much water to drink before hand. The clinic haven't told me for this procedure though. How much did you ladies drink before? Will 2 litres be about right? That's what I did for my scans for other things in the past. I want to make sure I do everything I can possible do to make this go ok so even if it doesn't work I can't sit there thinking 'i should have done...'

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  • I drank too much, they use your bladder as a guide on on the scan whilst doing the transfer, my bladder was so full they had to adjust what was shown on the screen, I'd say you need to be comfortably full! Best wishes for tomorrow! Xxx

  • Thank you :)

  • Yup just be comfortable. I went to the loo as normal in the morning- we got up about 7 then i had a cup of tea and again went for a wee before we left at 8.30 then we had a 45 minute drive in the car and I slowly drank about 3/4 pint which was plenty and then it was 10.00 when I went in! I had a good bladder full I was told- i wished I had left it a bit later to drinking though as all I could think about was I need a wee!!! Hope that help xxx

  • Oh wow ok 2 litres may be overkill then. That's great thank you xxx

  • On my letter I was told to drink no more then 500ml. I was advised to wee before I left home then gentle sipping from then. I had drank too much and ended up having to wee a little when I got there! Ideally your bladder should be about 3/4 full and they advise you to have a wee straight after. You feel like you don't want too incase embies dropped out but they assured be this cannot happen and its best to wee rather than hold it in. Good luck for tomorrow! Eeekk! πŸ€πŸ˜Š xx

  • That's great thank you I'll do the same :)

  • Fingers crossed today for you x

  • Thank you! Got my 5aa embryo on board now so just got to be patient and cross all fingers and toes for two weeks ;)

  • Congratulations and such a great quality embie, good luck xxx

  • I was just told to come with a full bladder... So i did. Then i was shown to my room and told to empty my bladder and that theyd bring me a jug of water to sip... I drank 1 and 1/2 tumblers and refused to drink anymore as i was busting to go but couldnt as my time was due to go down so ended up having to let a little bit out and walk around the room until they came and got me 20mins late which i thought was quite cruel... But hey ho. The point is, you only need to drink enough water to get a full bladder - its not a one size fits all requirement. Good luck!!!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Thanks Boo xx

  • I drank about 500ml just before I left the house. ET was approx 1.5 hours after and we were good to go. I didn't drink enough to make me too uncomfortable. Remember you can always drink a bit more when you get there but you can't undo what's already been drunk! πŸ˜‚ Hope everything goes well for you x x x

  • Thanks MommaBear I won't go too mad then thank you xx

  • Good luck for today! Hope all goes well! x x x

  • Thank you! The 500ml plus a few more sips was enough and now on the way home with a 5AA embryo on board :) so just the 2WW now xx

  • That's AMAZING news!! Fantastic!!! Wishing you well for your 2ww - you know where we all are if you need us :) x x x

  • I found going to the toilet before I left then sipping water on the journey meant that my bladder was full enough for the procedure but not so full that I was worried about wetting myself or was in pain. They push the ultrasound into your tummy as a guide so being too full could be very uncomfortable. I wouldn't drink too much too quick as you never know if there can be a delay and you'll be fit to burst. Good luck.

  • Yeah I don't want to pee myself it's a long journey there. I'll have a wee before I go then sip the 500ml on the way there as we have a long journey. Thank you xx

  • I was told to sip water and to take about 250ml. I think I probably drank a little more to be on the safe side! It's quite a small amount but they said you should feel like you could go to the toilet but you shouldn't be bursting!

    Good luck x

  • First transfer I drank a litre and my bladder was so full that the transfer was dreadful and so uncomfortable (lasted 2 hours!!), second transfer I drank 500ml and the transfer was a breeze! My advice would be don't drink too much, you can always drink more! Good luck πŸ˜€

  • Oh gosh ok definitely don't want to drink much over 500ml then, glad I didn't go with the 2 litres lol thank you :)

  • Good luck today KittyK ! Thinking of you xx

  • Thanks Kat. It all went well. I was 'comfortably full' I think was the word and have got a 5AA embryo on board :D fingers crossed just the waiting game now xxx

  • Wowser! fingers crossed! 😊 xxx

  • Good luck for today hun!! πŸ€Xxx

  • Thanks Boo!! 500ml was enough and I got a 5AA embryo on board so fingers crossed!! :D

  • Yay!! Thats Brilliant news!! Fingers crossed and good luck for the next bit πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • KittyK i have my little embryo on board this morning. I've taken the rest of the day off to relax then back to work tomorrow. My test date is 24th. How about you??

  • Hi Sunny! I've got tomorrow off and back to work Wednesday :)e test day is he 24th too!!! <3

  • Exciting times. Will try and not think about it. 😁😁

  • Aww thats brilliant news! An an AA as well!! Mine was a BB. Good luck for the 2ww xx

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