Information day!!!!

Me and my hubby went to that event in Manchester I posted about 'Routes to parenthood' today. It was brilliant we got loads of freebies, advice and got to have free consultations with some of the clinics we are interested in, we also spoke to some of the leading clinics from abroad and how to access using them etc.

This event is going up and down the country, I would highly recommend to anyone that is unsure what to do next, like we where or just wants general information and advice.

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  • Ah what a shame we missed the one that was anywhere near us! That would have been really useful! So pleased it was helpful to u x

  • Thanks for this! I have seen them advertised in Birmingham before and could never decide whether they would be worthwhile or a total waste of time so that's for the review, we will def try to catch the next one x

  • I've only just seen this button, what a shame as I live in Manchester! Thanks for sharing though, glad it was helpful for you xx

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