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Hi, we will be starting our private funded ivf cycle in December. The day we did the paper signing the nurse mentioned few things that we could benefit from but it means extra paying to. At this moment of time I'm thinking we need to everything to make the cycle work. Any of you guys used any of this

* embryoglue

* embryoscope

* blastocyst

What advice would you give us. A little background is I have a child who is 10 yrs old but not conceived after that. Been diagnosed with unexplained fertility. I hope some of you could share some information.

Thank you

Good luck to everyone who is on this journey x

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  • I just did a fresh cycle. It was NHS funded. We had a top grade blastocyst at ET. We paid extra for time lapse imaging (embryoscope) @ £495 we paid £125 for glue. I got a BFN. This next cycle (a fet) we're paying for everything. We are still opting for the glue but the time lapsing is not applicable now that we have 4 blastocysts in the freezer. I think we're all willing to try whatever it takes to make this work. Good luck 🍀🍀🍀

  • Hi,

    After 4.5yrs of infertility and one early miscarriage, I'm due to start my first cycle NHS funded ivf on my next cycle which should be beginning of December. Can't really offer and advice as not been through this before. But good luck and would it be possible to follow you as we should be about the same time?

  • Yes sure.

  • Which protocol will you be doing. Mine is long protocol.

  • I'm on short protocol I think. should get my time line tomorrow, but at appointment yesterday they then said medication wil start on first day of next cycle as im currently on day 5, dose this sound right? Xx

  • Yes mines will be on the next cycle too but I'm on a long protocol. Let me know how you get on.

  • hi sophia as you know we had a private funded also, we did go to blastocyst but they only offer this is you have a few embryos to work with so its not always an extra cost but if offered i would definately take it... as for embryo glue and scope we never used either and we were successful 1st time, wish u the best of luck with ur cycle and look forward to hearing ur updates...if there is anything i could help you with you can always messsge me x

  • Aww, thank you. I will contact you if I need any info. It's just that when we went for our paper signing she said they will let us know on the day if we need the blastocyst but she also said we recommed the endoscope which is quite good. An it's a £750 extra. Not sure if to go for it or not.

  • We were the same and almost went for the embryoscope but in the end decided not to put all our "hope" eggs in 1 basket the reason being was that if it didnt work after doing everything that was offered then what would it leave us to try in the future if we'd already done everything! i was advised to get my tubes tied as having blocked tubes would or "could" prevent an embryo from implanting...the morning of the operation i called up an canceled because i realised it wasnt nessersary until id at least tried first. obviously we all want it to work 1st time but i honestly believe doing every suggestion given wont guarentee a positive so why spend extra before you know its nessersary to try...i think embryoscope and glue are both options to try when nothing else worked just to improve future attemps, basically think hard before you spend more as its easily done, the extra you spend could be whats needed in the future for maybe a FET or if worst outcome was to happen then even a fresh cycle xx

  • Yes. I agree with you. How much did the FET cycle cost.

  • FET for us cos we abandoned the fresh cycle was about £300, but if we go back now for 1 of our frosties its about 1100 + the cost of meds if i remember correctly

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