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I started DHEA about a month ago and in the last 12 days I have been suffering really badly from insomnia, I sleep a maximum of 3.5 hours and then I'm awake... I really don't want to stop taking them as this is my last round of IVF but I'm so tired... I'm on 50mg which I take every morning. Anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions on how to manage the situation?

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  • I never associated the not sleeping with DHEA! I was on 75 per day 6 weeks up to EC, I just put it down to anxiety. I had weight gain, and all sorts of annoying niggles, acne, hair loss, etc. but I had 6/7 follicles vs the normal 2 max! Good luck.

  • Thanks for sharing. I'm on them to increase eggs as I have a good number of follicles but 40% have ended up empty on 2 cycles.

  • Sorry to hear you are struggling to sleep. Maybe try something to relax you before bed? I did tai chi for a while and I would have a great sleep after those classes. I also learned some breathing techniques to help if I was struggling to sleep. You may be able to google some of these. I have heard yoga and Pilates can have the same affect. Or you could try acupuncture or go for a massage. Just what works for you.

    Take care x

  • Thank you for sharing, I've tried meditating and exercising more but nothing seem to be helping at the moment :(

  • That is frustrating! It might be worth speaking to your GP (if you've not already) to see if there's anything you could take to help. Good luck! x

  • Thanks, I did speak to the Doctor and I've come off them for a few days now to see if my sleep regulates and then I will start again one every other day.

  • I've had insomnia and it drives you to distraction. I read "The Sleep Book" by Dr Guy Meadows and that really helped. I got it from my local library. Unfortunately treatment is stressful and that often effects sleep as well as most of the meds listing sleep issues as side effects.

    Good luck with this round.

  • Thank you, I'll look into the book recommendation. And thank you for the well wishes for my cycle x

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