Update... Reached the half way mark😁

Update... Reached the half way mark😁

Hi all, just thought id pop up with an update on how we are getting on, im aware lots of you have had positive and some not quite so positive news the last few days as although i got my BFP mid feb i still check in.... so being the person i am i was in two minds wether to post an update, but then remembered when we were going though treatment i loved to hear of success stories and was even happier to hear the progress stories... I realised some would stay away and not post once they got a positive result and i some how felt the rest of us were abandoned. So i decided on posting to let everyone know that we are now 21weeks 2moro!! ive added a little picture😁 we are expecting it seems a very healthy and active little boy! We had 1st time success with icsi after suffering with secondary infertilty for 4yrs, but the road hasnt been so straight forward after our bfp, ive had bleeds at 5w, 6w, 10w and the last 1 was at 18w were i was almost admitted into hospital....each time was alot more than spotting and was bright red, so id just like to let everyone know to try have faith that everything can and will work out!! at times it is very hard to convince yourself but we and lots of others are proof it can happen... Wishing u all the very best on your journeys wether you have your bfp or still waiting xxx

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  • Aww. It's good to hear you well. X

  • Hi hope_faith

    What an amazing picture xx you must be delighted. Love to hear positive stories as it helps me when I'm having a bad day to remind me that it does work.

    Congratulations 😄😄

    Holly x

  • Awww amazing news, congratulations! Xxx

  • Hi Hope! What a lovely image to see on here :) It's nice to have the reassurance that it can and does work even when there are complications. Hope you and your boy bump are very well, congratulations! x x x

  • Exciting times!! Congratulations, lovely scan photo. It's great to get to this point, enjoy all his little kicks for the coming weeks.

  • Congratulations, how lovely to hear about your successful journey. Also good to hear that bleeding can be ok while I sit here in the gp surgery waiting room fearing the worst! Thank you. Xx

  • Aw this is a lovely post! Congrats and I hope the rest of your pregnancy runs smoothly x

  • Congratulations it really is good to hear positive news here. All the best xxx

  • Loving it amazing news. Now enjoy 😘

  • Thank you so much for deciding to put up this post. It's lovely to hear that 'one of us infertile ones' has gotten a positive and keep going through all the panics along the way :-) All the very best for you and your family x

  • Hey

    I'm super chuffed to see your pic 😃 here's to a success and a lovely bundle of joy 😍

  • Thanks for posting - you are right. It's a tough journey so wonderful stories like yours do help to lift our spirits and give us hope!

  • Love this post 💗

  • Thank you all for ur lovely responses...im really glad my update could have such a positive impact....i really did think we would sail through the pregnancy without any problems as i never suffered with any with my son 7 yrs ago but i guess every pregnancy is different x

  • Such a lovely post, thank you and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xxxx

  • Such a blessing to see your little chap. Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Aww that's a good news ! We had our 20 week scan from first ICSI attempt last week. :-)

    And tomorrow we will be 22 weeks in our journey.

  • Oh hope_Faith love to hear ur update so glad ur little 1 is doing great after all the stress of ur bleeds loved reading ur update babez xxx

  • Cracking picture, you must be so happy!! Thanks for sharing, definitely give us hope!!x

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