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11 days past 3day transfer neg hgc

Hi I'm new here

I had my first IVF after two miscarriages

Currently in my two week wait , as I live to far from my clinic I can't get there to do my hgc blood test today so I've been told you take a home pregnancy test in two days . I'm currently 11 days past 3day transfer .I did a test this morning and it was negative.

I feel there is no hope again just wondering if anyone got a positive this late after transfer ,

I feel lost alone and completely heartbroken

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Please don't loose hope yet.

Number 1 - your af has not arrived

Number 2 - it's not yet your otd

Number 3 - my clinic advise 14 days after a 5day FET, so for a 3 day embryo, it might still be early to test.

I wish you the best.

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Thank you I am a total newbie to all of this and have had a big lack of information , I will try and be posstive

I know even if it is a negative it won't be the end of this journey we started on many years ago

Best wishes

Nikki x

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Hi Benjaminy14. So sorry to hear this, and that your clinic are unable to give you support when you most need it. You will still have to test when they advise you to. Make sure it’s the first urine of the day to give you an accurate reading. Obviously a 3 day transfer takes longer for the embryo to grow large enough to implant, so maybe there is a tiny bit of hope. We always used to do 3 day transfers when I first started and had lots of successes. Bearing in mind too, they had to wait out the 14 days post transfer. Carry on with any progesterone if it has been prescribed, and we will see what happens. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you so much for you kind words .

I'm trying to remain hopefully but honestly I wouldn't bet my life on a positive now .

Feeling let down massively by my clinic

Thanks again it's nice to know people are out their it can be so isolating at times this whole process seems so impersonal which seems odd as it's most people's hopes and dreams

Many thanks again



Hi Nicky. Sending you gentle hugs. We’re with you. Diane

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I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal! :( If it were an HPT I could have still said don't give up on hope and be optimistic about a BFP later on. If the beta confirmed BFN at 11DP3DT there's certainly less hope. However, you never know when things turn positive (have lived it to know it and believe it) - just carry on with your medications and wait until your OTD. Sending baby dust! :)

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I should of had my beta today but live to far from clinic so have to take hgc in two days ,

I guess I just hoped the hpt would of showed up at 11 days past 3 day transfer,

I think because we only had one embryo out of 11 eggs collection I was on a downer from the start , then I suffered with ohss so had to wait two months for the FET .

Had so many friends say they got there bfp days after transfer .my heart was set on it

I know there is no guarantee with IVF but we all want that bfp no matter what is staring me in the face .

I will try and remain hopefull

I think I rushed in to the IVF and was not happy with the patient care I received.

If it's a neg on Wednesday I will be asking you all for clinic advice .

I'd like a clinic with more of a support for the patient and less emphasis on the sell .

Many thanks for your baby dust wishes and I wish everyone abundance of baby dust in the same boat




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