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Painful ovulation after miscarriage

I miscarried in march and my last two ovulation times have been rather painful. I know its still early days yetvsince the miscarriage as this would be my third cycle afterwards but my lower back hurts as much as it woukd before af.

My concerns are endometriosis as I can relate to the symptoms. Im thinking of doing ivf later in the year but I want to be clear nothing else is preventing it from.working before i go ahead as this will be it. Its last chance to have a baby.

Ive googled it and tbh tgere isnt much about it and just says to take the pill for treatment whichh i don't react well to. Even if i went to gp they'd probaly say body is adjusting etc.

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Probably best to see your GP or contact your consultant if you're under one. If it is endo they might need to do something about it before IVF.

It took a few months for my periods to settle down after mcs but I didn't have pain.

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Yeah i think i need to. I ovulated nearly two weeks ago and ive been in pain since. Been doing lots of reading up about it and i am getting really concerned.

I did go to the doctors a couple of days ago but was more focused on my emotions as ive been really down recently.

I know i need to go back. I just constantly feel phobed off. I went to the ibf clinic to pick up some meds and tried to soeak about starting up again and tbh tge nurse was so rude and even quite bitchy. It did actually piss me off to the point i want to complain about her. But i just dont need it. They shoukd be supportive but they're crap.quick to take money fir private care! Im taking meds atm for a water infection as I have symptoms of one but it may even be af symptoms. I have so much pressure in my pelvis and its also on the side i had tge pain from miscarriage. Reading up it does say women experience pain like contractions which coukd be endometriosis. Guess im at tge doctors again this week:-( only way I'll know for sure.


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