Going out of my mind!!!

Most of you know I got a BFP last week and started bleeding on the same day, since then I have been going every 2 days for blood tests to monitor my hcg. First reading on test day was 99 then Saturday it was 213 then yesterday it was 314, the staff aren't telling me much just good that the levels are rising but today I am bleeding a lot fresh red blood like period and have a few mild cramps.I have just done a clear blue digital test and still only reading 1-2 weeks pregnant, should it not be more than that now.

Just want to know what's happening now it feels like torture this. Any words of wisdom or similar stories?


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  • Button123, I haven't got a clue, but I just wanted to wish you lots and lots of luck and let you know I'm thinking of you, feeling for you and rooting for you. Xx

  • Those digital tests say 1-2 weeks from ovulation, so from egg collection. I know it's all confusing because the hospital will say you're 4 weeks, they add on 2 weeks. I don't know what the hCG levels mean but maybe if you had 2 embryos transferred, it could be that one has taken and the other hasn't. Have they booked you in for a scan yet?

  • Hi thanks for reply TLove, my scan is 17th of June or as soon as my hcg reaches 1500 just feel helpless. I have turned back up at the EP as didn't know what else to do x

  • I feel your pain. I am neurotic. Just beside myself after my 2nd BFP (3rd IVF attempt, no 2 ended mc at 7weeks). How far along are you? I googled the clear blue test results and was found some rough indications of what hcg levels need to be at to trigger 1-2 weeks, 2-3 or 3+. I don't think clinics are always that sympathetic to how worrying a time this is for us but if you are really worried then you should ask for a scan. It maybe that you are too far along to see much but maybe they can provide some idea to you about what's going on. If your clinic aren't that response you could always try an Epu. Good luck.

  • Hi Button. I am just under 10 weeks pregnant and have had lots of bleeding pains etc. I have been for a few reassurance scans and baby is doing fine with a strong heart beat . I have another on thurs to see whats happening.. The sonogragher says she can see where the bleeding is coming from and shouldnt be affecting baby which is a relief . Apparently the bleeding is coming from { like a bruise } some of it gets absorbed and the rest comes out.. It is very common for ladies to bleed during early pregnancy so massive fingers crossed yours is doing well.. Try and keep calm as hard as I know it is.. Sorry I cant help with the pregnancy test.. Thinking of you and sending baby dust to you. XX

  • Don't panic my test reading also says 1-2weeks and in medical terms it means 3-4 weeks. I guess ivf differs from natural conception so the weeks may be different. The nurse told me not to worry about the test. The main thing is that your levels are rising. Hang in there!! X

  • Please don't take anything that I am about to write the wrong way, it is all just personal experience to me and I know can hugely vary from women to women. I have had several miscarriages and 2 ectopics. I began bleeding with them all. I became obessed with clear blue digital tests, as this is a good way of knowing if your hcg level is rising. On a couple of mine this is how I knew they weren't going to plan. So I spent a fortune using those tests, like wise a line on a normal test should be getting darker and darker the further on you go. Have they not scanned you yet?? As without trying to scare you they need to roll out ectopic, I had one at 6-7 wks and one at 4-5 and both were picked up on a scan. My hcg levels regarding these grew slightly but never doubled. My body rejected both my ectopics so no surgery needed at that time, and with one my hcg level halved overnight from over 1000 down to below 400. I hope and pray everything is ok with you, but wanted to make you aware maybe to ask about a scan to rule out ectopic. Thinking of you xx

  • Button 123 I find it a bit sad they won't just scan you to give you that piece of mind! It would take two minutes! Surely much cheaper on the Nhs than all these blood tests and waiting around! Maybe the bleedings like one of the other ladies said, a simple haemotoma. Either way the protocol for epu is bleeding or/and cramps which you have. Very unsympathetic of them to not just give you that piece of mind! πŸ˜” Xxx

  • Hi Button, cant offer too much advice though those digital pregnancy test can be a bit of a gimick....hCG can range so much in early pregnancy! I guess the good thing in this is you are still on the rise and maybe its just a blip that your hCG hasnt gone up so much 2nd time round. Thinking about you and Ive got everything crossed for you!x

  • Please just try going to A&E and asking them to check your cervix it's the biggest indicator of a miscarriage. I really hope all is well but all the stress of not knowing is doing you no good xx

  • Hi all and thanks for all your advice and sharing experiences it really does help. I have been back to epu they can't scan me as to early and said wouldn't see anything. They did another examination and it seems I have an erosion on my cervix (never heard of this) apparently common in pregnancy due to change in hormones etc. She did confirm my cervix is still closed, back there again tomorrow for another blood test xx

  • That sounds a bit more positive, glad they were able to do something more for you than just the blood test. I wonder if the erosion is from the pessaries? I was told they could aggravate things and cause bleeding. Do they know at EPU that you're using them? Good luck with the next blood test. x

  • After lots of googling it seems quite common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes, the clinic do know about the pessaries although been doing them the back way since test date so I could monitor the blood better. Think I will relax better once I know tomorrow hcg X

  • That's good news. Keeping it all crossed and thinking of you. X

  • Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and wishing and hoping for you with fingers and toes crossed xx

  • That's good news then button 😊 Xxxx

  • Hey button how horrendous for you, just try and relax and tomorrow fingers crossed your levels increase again. At the moment you have more things to be confident about based on your appointment today so try and remain positive. Looking forward to hearing of your increase tomorrow xx

  • Thanks I do feel better than I did earlier X

  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well.

  • Glad you got some answers today. It all sounds positive 😊 Hoping tomorror goes well x

  • Just wanted to say keeping fingers crossed for you hope test goes well tomorrow xx

  • Glad you're feeling a little better this evening button, hope that things are much clearer and brighter for you tomorrow. Take care x x x

  • I don't trust clear blue digital. When I knew I was 4 weeks pregnant I took one just to enjoy not seeing the 'not pregnant' screen for once. It said 'pregnant 1-2' and sent me into a panic that my hcg level was dropping. It wasn't dropping at all- it was just a dodgy test. Those tests are not as accurate as they claim. Xx

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