Going out of my mind 😒

Evening ladies. How are you all? I'm 4 days into 2ww and my mind is doing overtime. Everything is so different for me from my fresh cycle. I had symptoms and bleeding last time and scared that my systems are different than then (miscarried after my BFP). My boobs are sore, although they haven't been right since I started lubion injections and prognova tabs. I have dark blue veins that have appeared from nowhere on them and my nibbles are slowly turning colour. I have had period type pains for a few days (never get these until the day I'm actually on period which isn't until next week) and absolutely no bleed/discharge (sorry if tmi πŸ™ˆ). Do this sound normal to any of you? I really don't wanna test before 14th but every day is getting to me even more than day before. I'm trying so hard to remain positive but just want a sign. Has anyone had any of these symptoms and got a BFP? xxxxxxx

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  • Hi, I had my transfer on Monday and am testing on the 14th too. I feel like my period is starting but it hasn't. I'm doing a frozen cycle. My last cycle - fresh cycle - failed and period started before I reached the test date. It was upsetting and exhausting. I'm trying to remain positive, and I hope that you can too. The embryo that was transferred into you this week is different from the last, and how that adapts and grows in your body is different from the last time. This is what I am telling myself. I like to think that it's a puzzle and the chromosomes need to work with my DNA for it all to click together and work. I have my fingers crossed for you. And I sincerely hope that on the 14th we both have BFPs.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Mine is also a frozen. It's was a 5day blastocyst which was graded an A but lost a few cells while thawing so only a BC now. Was disappointed but now I'm just thinking I can't control anything. I've taken 2 weeks off work but my mind is wearing me out. Hopefully we'll both get the outcome we both want. Have you had any symptoms? Xxxxxx

  • I just feel like my period is about to start and I feel nervous to go to the bathroom, just in case! But there's been nothing, and I think that that sensation might be a side effect of the progesterone injections. I am tired though! I was out and about today and I was really happy to get home and sit by the fire. My boobs are heavy but that started with the meds, so I can't relate it to the transfer yet.

    I read somewhere that it's day five or so that the implantation takes place. So maybe there'll be some symptoms over the weekend.

    I read so much with my last cycle that I find it all made me crazy and more stressed. This time I'm watching series and going for gentle walks. I haven't told anyone - other than my best friend - that we're doing this. I feel that's taken a lot of pressure off. I remember reading on Fertility Friends women saying they had symptoms and then ones who didn't have symptoms, and it worked for both or neither. So I really believe this time that there is no way to tell it's working, until the blood test shows it's working. I hope that doesn't sound harsh, it's just my belief this cycle. My gyn is quite pragmatic, she's a woman of few words and she says it's all down to luck. And I've started to feel that is true. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, or how high the quality of the embryo is, it'll click together or it won't.

    (I really hope I haven't made you feel worse!)

  • No definitely haven't made me feel worse. It's kind of what I need to be told. I'm falling into the rut I was in last time. I've done the same, watched boxsets, visited friends, learned how to bake cakes. Haha. I've been like you, nervous to go toliet. Although every being in my bones is telling me be positive so I'm just going and if it's there, it's there. Yes I read that day 5 is a biggy so I think I'll have duvet day tomorrow. So glad for your reply, it's made me feel so much better. Thank you. If you ever want to chat please let me know xxxxx

  • Hi Leah, I am just the other side of the 2WW and sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time. I definitely found those two weeks utter torture. I had my test day on Tuesday and I got a BFP!! For my whole two weeks I had period like cramps and was convinced that my period was going to arrive. However, it never did thankfully. The nurse had told me that the pessaries can cause cramping, so I am thinking that's what it must have been . Best of luck with the rest of your wait, and wishing you a BFP xxx

  • Hi Leah n Lfhbm, i had my fet on last thursday n my test day is 8th nov. Tuesday. in my first fresh cycle, i felt much discharge, sore n tender boob n period type of pain on day 7 and 8 after transfer. that time my transfer was of 2dt. i got BFP but had chemical miscarriage... but now with this fet i feel different...no sore boob, vaginal discharge after using crinone gel n not much discharge, but yesterday i got much dizzyness n could not go to work....i had 2 embryos transfered one 2 cells (degraded from 4 to 2) and another 4 cells embryo (no degrade)...2ww s a crazy longest time. i m praying to god that we al get BFP. also congras to Raglee....

  • Good luck Hun!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ for u xx

  • Hi Ladies. My boobs age very heavy and veiny. A lot more sore aswell this morning. It's gonna be a tough day for me aswell today, it's my mam and dads wedding anniversary and the 1st one since my dad past away. My mother isn't doing so good so I need to try and lift her spirits without getting emotional myself. I really wanna lie in bed all day and chill. I hope everything works out for you both. Xxxxxx

  • It's so tough the TWW Hun πŸ˜“ But I had period type cramping 3 days post transfer and it was good news for me :) try to keep busy! I tested at 6dp6dt and got a line but all little embryos implant at different rates so u might not get a positive that early, my embryo had hatched do was ahead of the game! Just be prepared that early testing can make it worse if you get a negative but it might not mean u r not pregnant it's just too early! I get symptoms very quickly as soon as hcg is in my system so that's why I tested early. Hang in there you will get to test day and if u can't cope test early there is no right or wrong go with your gut. The emotional rollercoaster of this journey is underestimated! It has a massive affect on us psychologically!! Xxx

  • I had cramping from 3 days past my 5 day DET and caved on 5 days past DET and got my precious bfp! I was sure it would just be down to the drugs and too early but it wasn't, so you never know. With my first baby I got really obvious veins from early on. Those are pregnancy symptoms you describe but it's so hard to know if any of it's down to the drugs and the time goes so slowly! At least the weekend's coming up so that'll be a couple of hopefully busier days with more people around to help the time go faster.

    Just a quick question - did they say why you need to wait until 14th? that would make you around 19 days past egg collection/ovulation wouldn't if? My test date was 14 days from egg collection/ov as it would be with a natural cycle.

    Lots of luck! X

  • in my 2ww after FET I felt no different the first week, second week I felt like I was due on (sore heavy boobs, bloating, mild cramps and 2 occasions of very light spotting) I got a BFP and am now 19 weeks 2 days! The only thing I learnt was symptom spotting is pointless (but difficult not to!) it doesn't really tell you anything, particularly as the symptoms of being pregnant and getting a period are somewhat identical!! Try not to think too much into it - it messes with your head! Best of luck for test day. X

  • 2ww defo the worst part. Good Luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks for replies lady's. I'm trying not to read into anything. I have to test 14days after ET, that's what clinic advise. Was same on fresh cycle aswell. This is FET. No emies left either. I'm desperate to take test but don't think I can handle a BFN. This is disgusting but I'm pooing a lot, this happens when I'm usually on a period but I'm getting cramps that make me feel like I need toliet and I'm going a lot. Anyone else have this? Anyone know the success rates of FET with NHS? Or any way I can find out? Xxxx

  • Yes! Going to the toilet more often. Last night I was sure I had the start of a UTI. This morning it seems to have passed. But yes, like you my toilet situation is different: more frequent. I feel that's the drugs. I think my progesterone injections are doing a number on me!

    Great to hear everyone else's experiences! Congratulations to all! X

  • That was one of my first signs 😊

  • Hi Hun, like everyone is saying it's different for everyone. I had period type pains for the whole 2 weeks, my test day was a Wednesday but i did it the Saturday before, like u I was worried and couldn't wait. I got a BFN on the Saturday and this was torture, I was so down and cried every day, I hadn't come on by the Wednesday so i tested again and got a BFP. Please try and wait until test day, it's worse if u do the test and it gives a false reading. I wish u all the look in the world and all you ladies in your 2ww xxx

  • Aww thanks for your replies everyone. So much comfort for me. I really appreciate it xxxx

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