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Egg collection update

Good evening all. Had my eggs collected at 9am. Been resting up since we got home at 3pm very sore this time.

The consultant got 18 eggs. I knew this time it was going to be more because i felt my ovaries growing.

Now the ranty part lol.

Hubby has performance issues at the hospital this morning was no different but we had a back up in the freezer. It took them almost 3 hours to tell us that his sample hadnt thawed correctly and now we would need icsi. Another cost we didn't budget for.

I was highly annoyed with the hospital for leaving us sat there. If they had of said something hubby would have gone home and done his bit and brought it back. I would have been comfortable at home and it wouldnt have cost us an extra £1000.

Praying for a good fertilisation rate and today's stress has all been worth it.

Lots of love and baby dust

Lynsay xx

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Wishing you the best of luck. Xxx


That’s a great number - but sorry to hear of the complications - hopefully will all be worth it - wishing you lots of luck xxx


Congratulations for today, I’m sure all the stress will be worth it in the end! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! 🤞

Feeling your ovaries is the weirdest thing! The sister at the clinic told me that they are usually the size of walnuts but when stimulated can grow to the size of oranges! I think mine are the size of grapefruits right now - I can feel everything, it’s so uncomfortable! 🙈


Good luck xx


That is a good number of eggs. Sorry it’s been more difficult getting there than you would have liked. Hope you’re not feeling as sore this morning and you can take it easy for another day or so.


Wishing u the best of luck x


Wishing you lots of luck I got 18 eggs from my 2nd cycle and was sore for a week after I took parectomol every 4 hours for few days and it helped the pain,

Wishing you lots of luck ☘️☘️ xx


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