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Heading for freeze all

The rollercoaster continues. After 5 hour drive to clinic the scan showed there are lots of follicles which is a million times better than last time. All set for EC on Monday but its likely it will be a freeze all cos my progesterone is too high. I know its being extra safe to do this but I can't help but feel a little gutted that even the path to transfer is proving so difficult. Every step of the way has been a giant hurdle and nothing has gone to plan. Didn't even enjoy going shopping afterwards to distract myself as dragging 2 massive ovaries around a mall with you just isn't fun!

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Hello, so sorry to hear you've had a difficult journey so far. It sounds a bit like mine- I had no idea when we started that there would be so many delays and unforeseen things. Try and focus on the fact that they will only go ahead when you're absolutely ready, biologically, to give you the best chance. I know it's hard. Hope you find some joy in things to distract yourself in the meantime. Good luck xx

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It's very frustrating having the treatment plan changed. This should give you the past chance of getting a BFP. We had to freeze our 2 embies on round 3 as my lining wouldn't do what it needed to. I was gutted. After waiting a month we had to start the drugs again (more money) before ET.

Fingers crossed for lots of lovely mature eggs.

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