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Moody partner

Hmm so, since my transfer on Monday my boyfriend has been ever so slightly grumpy , I know he's pleased that we have 2 embryos on board but I also know he is worrying.

To be perfectly honest , I am ignoring his grumps and just worrying about keeping myself busy, calm ect on this 2ww.

Men are very strange , he's never been good at dealing with stress where's I just go with the flow and am far more laid back.

He has done a bit of hoovering today and is now cooking dinner ( which very rarely happens) so I guess he is trying in small ways , just wish he would cheer up he's so miserable !!

Anyone else had issues with there partner during IVF ect .?

I think I'll eat my dinner then go bed with my book 😬

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My partner was really nasty my day of transfer before it happened and after ignore him concentrate on your embryos and looking after yourself he is being selfish your going through a emotional time xx good luck xx


Ha Ha Ha... men will be men.. don't take stress. If you need to share any thing and want to consult with fertility experts, join our forum myfertilitymanual.com


Hi Aimaim, my hubby was quite down beat about it all and said he felt "useless" and because he's used to being able to go to his parents whenever he has a problem (however I dont want our parents to know just yet as I know what they would be like) so he has found this hard. Instead we had a counselling session, (not sure where you live? but where we are we get 6 free counselling sessions on the NHS) and he felt that this really benefitted him in being able to discuss his worries etc wih someone other than me... Although we did go together for this. But for him it was just being able to talk about it and open up. Im like you, quite laid back and just going with the flow... men dont really talk to mates the way us girls do with our friends so maybe he just needs to talk to someone? Have broached it with him at all? Good luck for your 2ww hun 🙏🏻🍀 xxx

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He won't do counselling thinks he doesn't need it . I think he needs a hell of a lot of it. 😁


what about going together? It depends how much his moods are affecting you and how much youre bothered by it, if your happy to ignore it then thats cool...

It depends how you are but for me Id probably say "tough! get over yourself, we're going!"

Id let him have a day of grumps (because weve all had the pitty party for one 😥)

but after that id be like "hey! Your not the one fully loaded on hormones riding the emotional roller coaster here! So either snap out of it or we go talk to someone" but thats me lol

I need to feel that im supported and given lots of love and affection. Its a hard enough time as it is...


I've been the moody partner...I've done a couple of webinars for INUK on relationships and one on how to support your men (that's the code title for how to educate them in how to relate to a woman!! ;)

I hope these help. x


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