Hi guys, I'm new here.

This is a question for anyone who has been through IVF. I was wondering what the timescale of the processes are once you have been accepted for IVF. I dont mean the waiting list time i mean the time between each bit of the treatment< for example- first consultation being day 1, then take meds day ? or ? days until scan ect and so on until the process is complete?

Sorry but im just worrying what way i am going to fit it in around work, and advice on this would be much appriciated. Do you think ill be able to do this and go to work? what effect will the drugs have? I really dont know what to expect at al!

thanks in advance Mary

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  • Hey Mary depends what protocol you are on. I was on long protocol. Once treatment plan/protocol agreed I phoned on first day of period, prostap injection 21 days later. Scan 2 weeks later then daily injections for 10 days then egg collection then egg transfer 3 days later then 2 week wait. All in from phoning day 1 period to test day was about 2 months for me. Depends as I said on your protocol and response to meds. I took time off work as my job way too stressful and not flexible enough.. everyone is different on this and you have to do what works for you. I told my boss and she was supportive. Very exciting times.. good luck xx

  • hi vic77, thank you so much for your reply :-)

    I'm not sure what protocol ill be on yet, i never realised there were different types! Im such a newbe to this lol! I hope it doesnt last too long as im hoping to take some time off work during the egg collection and transfer bit. I dont want to tell work what is happening though so im going to ask the doctor to sign me off for stress. i just dont want to be off for ages!

    I know its exciting times but my fear about the whole thing is outweighing the positives atm! i live in northern ireland and only recieve 1 free cycle. i just hope it works first time!

    thanks so much for your reply, i appriciate it so much xx

  • I think it is wise to be off work and my gp had no hesitation signing me off. Try to relax as much as poss..easier said than done I know. I have everything crossed for you. Keep in touch and good luck xx

  • Thank you Vic, ive only been on this site a day and i already feel more relaxed! im so glad i found it. good luck to you too xx

  • Hi there,

    Here's my timeline but every clinic has different waiting lists.

    September- confirmed IVF

    October- AMH bloods (2 weeks for results) + HIV & hep B. You might of had these done but mine were out of date. You have to have them within 3 months of starting IVF- HFEA guild lines

    Short protocol

    Start of nov- IVF consultation

    23/11- 1st planning appointment

    5/12- 2nd planning appointment to sign forms and injection training a week later

    In between had med delivery.

    31/12-Start noresthisterone to control when I bleed for 7 days

    11/01- supposed to start 3 injections a day, but no period so delayed until I come on.

    Estimated egg collection- week commencing 23/01. Clinic asked me to have this week off work.

    Hope this helps. I needed time frames to help me cope with it all.xx

  • hi keekee21 yes it helps LOADS thank you so much! yes, i feel much better once i know exactly what to ecpect too. i get such anxiety thinking and worrying about the what-ifs and maybes!

    i just got my letter to come to the clinic on friday past and my appointment is on feb 13th(eeek im so nervous)!!! i dont know which protocol ill be doing- how may are there?

    How did the drugs effect you? and was the egg collection sore? do they put you to sleep?

    so glad i found this site, your all so lovely and helpful, thankyou for your reply x

  • Hi Mary,

    There are 2 protocols- short or long. Your consultant will decide which one you will be on, as every person is different.

    I'm yet to start the injections, so not too sure about side effects but I think headaches are common and you are restricted to paracetamol, no ibuprofen.

    And again not yet got to egg collection it's in 2 weeks time, but I will be sedated not put to sleep. Each clinic are different I didn't have an option to have a general anaesthetic, but some clinics offer this. Have you had any drugs prior to this or any tests? I didn't start with IVF, we basically tried a few other things before embarking on IVF, as there was no problems with my tubes or hubbys sperm. I wish you the best of luck with your appointment. You will get so much support with this forum, they have got me through hard times since I've joined.x

  • hey KeeKee

    Yes ive been reading some of the threads on here, it seems to be a great place.

    i had some blood tests and that dye in your tubes test and my partner has had sperm analisis twice but everything was clear. we have secondary unexplained infertility9i have a daughter who is 11 and a half that i had quite young, unplaned) been trying for 5 years or more. the consutant said given the results and the length of time we had been trying she was putting us straight in for ivf instead of other things.

    i think id prefer to be put to sleep, i wonder can you still feel it when sedated! it might be a similar pain to that dye test which i found really painful.

    so wow your bang in the middle of it at the minute! thats amazing, good luck and keep me posted on how you get on and how you find the treatments as they happen. wishing you all the luck in the world xxx

  • Everybody can have a different schedule depend on your own course of treatment. As a rough guide from my first appointment through to taking pregnancy test was about 12 weeks. But at the start you will get a day by day schedule which tells you what's drugs you take on what days and when your scans etc will be. My clinic scheduled all my scans at 7.30am so I had no problems in going to the scan and then heading into work. The only time I took of was a half day for egg collection and then day for embryo transfer. However my ET was a Friday so also got the benefit of being able to put my feet up on sat sun before back to work on mon. There is no requirement to be off work on the TWW but that is personal preference and you might feel happier depending on your job.

    It can feel a bit chaotic and like you don't know whether you're coming or going but you'll probably find your clinic are very understanding and will help with scheduling as best they can. Good luck with your journey x

  • hi DC5867 thanks o much for your reply :-)

    ohh i love the sound of a schedule! i suppose it makes sense. for each appointment ill need to take a day off work as i live an hour and a half away from the clinic so that a three hour round trip :-( i hate the thought of having to take time off work but i dont think i have a choice. thats why im so focused on finding out the timeline of events so i can try to plan ahead.

    i dont want to tell wrk whats happening, i dont want to tell anyone whats happening really! i just dont want to get upset and have people fussing as it makes me feel very uncomfortable, my family dont even know! i hope i can get through this without feeing too chaotic but i dont think thats possible lol!

    thank you so much again for your reply x

  • I was the same and didn't tell anyone. It's completely up to you, for me I just didn't think it was anybody else's business and you also don't need the added pressure.

    Most of the appointments are within a two week period when they're scanning you to see how eggs are developing and then for collection and transfer and they will be scheduled so you'll know several weeks in advance in order to organise the time off. Unfortunately though it does depend how you react, I ended up with a few extra days of injections before egg collection. And hen you also don't know if you'll be able to go for a 3 day or 5 day transfer until the time comes.

    I'm lucky enough to have quite a flexible job and my clinic happened to be about 20 mins from my office so I could manage it. It will be a bit more difficult for you with the commute.

    Perhaps you could confide in your boss in confidence if you think they'll understand your need for flexibility and keep it confidential. That might lift the pressure and worry of trying to organise time off at the last minute.

    Once you have your planning appointment you'll have a better idea and a few weeks to get yourself sorted out. It's just frustrating all the waiting for the next bit to happen, but waiting really is the name of this game! If it helps to hear a success story, I'm now doing more waiting on the arrival of my baby and am due into hospital to be induced on Friday if nothing happens before then. So as much of a rollercoaster this process is, it can all be worth it. :)

  • If u do long protocal startin injections on ur day 21 its normaly roughly 25 days from start to transfer for a FET xx

  • hi emzlou25, thanks for your reply :-)

    25 days doesnt sound too bad, i hope i get that protocol! x

  • Hi MaryBeth84. You will start on either Day 1 or Day 21 of your menstrual cycle, depending upon your clinic preference, then 4-6 weeks until test date! Good luck! Diane

  • hi DianeArnold thank you for your reply

    Im really hoping i get whichever is shorter, im very impatient lol x

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