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First endocrine appointment

I lost a tube to an ectopic in May 2014 and we've been TTC since. Finally referred to the endocrine department, appointment on 31st. Gp has done lots of blood tests and sent results to the specialist at the hospital, and my husbands tests were all ok. I'm over 30 bmi and gp said I would need to lose weight before any treatment is offered. I'm also 40 next February, although my husband is younger. Does anyone know what is likely to be suggested first or have you been through this process?

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Hi mmc224. Only just read this post as I have been away. Hopefully all went well with your appointment with the endocrinologist and a treatment plan has been discussed. I realise that you will probably have been advised to work on your raised BMI, so huge luck with that, as it is never easy. Thinking of you. Diane

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