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Aching ovaries

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if it's normal to have very achey ovaries just before egg collection. They got so bad last night that it woke me up a few times. A hot water bottle is helping and I've got acupuncture shortly, so am hoping that he may be able to do something to ease it, but its becoming really uncomfortable to walk.

I took my trigger shot last night and have got egg collection tomorrow morning so I'm hoping this is normal. Can anyone reassure me? ...Thanks!

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Hi, I have not been at you stage yet but I have been told that this is normal as your ovaries are very swollen at this stage. They have been stimulated to over produce eggs so will be painful due to lots of eggs. Just mention it to your nurse to make sure everything is okay. Good luck with your collection xx


Thanks Lucyloo, I am hoping it is a good sign! Good luck to you. X


Hi Monk, we're a little out of sync today as I had those pains yesterday, not pleasant!! Fortunately they eased off around tea time but I was getting them on my left and the scan showed this is where I have the most and largest follicles so that makes sense. I feel fine today after trigger. How did you get on with yours? I'm not going to lie I was a little nervous!! x


Hi MommaBear, I feel like a bloated whale waddling around like a penguin today! Just had acupuncture which eased it a bit, except when I walk - every time a foot hits the ground it kills! Have to keep remembering to breathe and relax and it eases off a little. Its both sides for me - the scans showed 5 large follicles on each side, so hopefully it means they are getting filled up with eggs as we speak!

Trigger shot was fine actually. I had the Ovitrelle pen thing, so had to get my head around using that, but it was fine. It must have looked quite bad tho as when I pulled it out, DH looked quite shocked and congratulated me on getting it done so well! Then he made me two cups of tea, so happy days!

The acupuncturist told me to relax today, so I'm on the sofa with my hot water bottle, the telly and a wide array of food in the fridge for grazing. I made some avocado, banana and chocolate mousse last night which I am going to devour! Just trying to enjoy myself and not think about tomorrow really.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow ....Eeeek!!!! Xx

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That sounds like a lovely day!! We've just been out for some lunch, now a quick pop to the shops for a couple of bits for tomorrow and then I'm off to watch some tele in bed. I'm not very good at relaxing normally but I've enjoyed it these last couple of days. I think it's because it's all for a good cause!! Enjoy your rest day, I hope the pain eases as it did for me and hope you're right about all them lovely eggs!! The mousse sounds lovely!!

Eek! Tomorrow!!!! x x x

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Quite normal, they are more full than normal! Be prepared for feeling achy and bloated after EC due to all the poking about.

Good luck for EC.


Thanks PM27! X


Hey Hun

Yes! On both times I've felt really full achy and bloated , and when I sat down it felt like I was sat on a bruise deep inside.

Have a lovely bath whilst you still can 😃


I had that exact same feeling. I lived with a hot water bottle for the last two days before egg collection. Mine went away pretty much straight after egg collection but I know that doesn't happen for everyone so don't worry if it's still achey afterwards.

Hope everything goes really well for you. Wishing you all the best. X


How did it go Monk?! 😘 We've just got home, they didn't want to let me go as I was bleeding after but thankfully it's eased now. Hope you're ok, been thinking of you all morning but couldn't get into this blinkin site!! x x x


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