Here we go :-O!

Baseline scan done today :-D this is my husband and my first cycle of IVF. After being diagnosed with endo last month the baseline scan showed a 3.5cm cyst on my left ovary so looks like all money is onto the right. Trying to stay really positive and upbeat. Injections start Friday which I'm not looking forward to my husband is going to be giving me the jags so here's hoping he is gentle hehe. Got a scan again the 13th then looking at egg collection the week after. I'm so scared and starting to get excited now. Really hoping nothing goes wrong and i stimulate properly even if it's only one side. And jesus I have the fear of egg collection but got everything crossed :-D xxx good luck to everyone else on cycles early 2017 xxx

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  • Good luck with your cycle, myself and my husband start our first round of ivf soon too, I start injections on 19th January!

    I too am scared of the injections and egg collection! But like u say it's also exciting Aswell!

    This forum has been really helpful to hear how other people have found the process!!

    Good luck with your journey and keep us posted!!


  • I will do I'm hoping I get an idea of when egg collection will be on the 13th as my husband is self employed and will need to reschedule clients etc depending on when treatment is. Finger crossed for us both xxx

  • Excellent how exciting!! we're having to travel to London for our treatment so we will need to get an idea of when collection etc so hubby can book time off work too!

    Indeed fingers crossed! Exciting times ahead xxx

  • Hi CE_88,

    Good luck with the start of your cycle. Just wanted to say that the injections are ok! I was terrified and cried all through my teach, but when it came to it, it was just another job to do 😊

    You will be fine, feel free to message if you need any advice or support.

    Suzannah x

  • Thank you Suzannah :-) it's my husbands job to do as I said it's my body going through it all he can do his part hehe. Also wanted him to feel included. Really not looking forward to egg collection really hope the light sedation puts me out cold x

  • Lol, I was a bit the opposite as I needed to be in control of the jabbing 😝

    I think that because of the needle phobia I haven't thought too much about the egg collection, no doubt that concern will kick in soon enough 😊 Xx

  • The injections really are not bad. I had to do them myself as hubby worked away from home and I actually preferred that as u could control it going in. Use ice and pinch the skin otherwise your stomach will end up black and blue. By the end I actually enjoyed them made me feel in control!!xx

  • Good luck! I'm not quite there yet, but went to a patient info evening today which also has me totally freaked (mostly about egg collection)! Having said that, everyone who has been through it has been so positive, I can't help thinking we are making it worse for ourselves! Fingers crossed for you! xxx

  • I only have my HSG to go on and it was agony, like the worst pain I've ever had and if I could opt for a general anaesthetic if it's going to be that bad I'd rather be out completely. The nurse I saw today said people don't normally have any recollection of egg collection and I took that as it's like the lights are on but nobody is home so hopefully I'm not gibbering shite or screaming the house down haha. I don't think I will ever feel in control through this process and that probably a good thing I have tight control on everything else wouldn't hurt to just go with the flow for once and hopefully get the outcome we want :-) x

  • I'm a few days behind you. All the very best with your treatment.xx

  • Will keep you all posted :-) good luck everyone xx

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