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Info please

Hi all

It's been a while since I last posted. I am now on Progynova and I get my scan on the 27th. hoping to do the egg transfer at the start of June. I've to start these pessaries soon and was just wondering if anyone had suggestions? Is there a discharge? Should I get panty-liners?

How does everyone cope with this 2ww??? I am dreading mine but I plan to talk to my little embie - does anyone else do this? Is there foods I should eat or stay away from?

thanks all the IVF buddies for reading

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I wore panty liners as you get discharge from the waxy coating rather than anything sinister.

I tried visualisation and I did talk to the embies during rounds 2 & 3 hoping it might make a difference, sadly we got BFNS. If talking to your embies helps you do it.

Good luck.


Hi jamjar5060. Just wanted to wish you well with your treatment cycle. As "pm27" says, I would wear a panty liner. Once the progesterone is absorbed - takes 20-30 minutes - there is often a "waxy" discharge. Try and keep as busy as you can during the 2WW. Good luck! Diane


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