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Anyone else feel extremely tired after egg col?

Had egg collection wed, since then Mosley been in bed as still so sore on belly.

I feel really really tired too and am now getting ready to go to Accupuncture but it's such an effort , i hurt everywhere I feel like I've been in a fight.

Have to pop to shop on way to Accupuncture but am leaving early cos at the mo I'm walking like a 90 year old lady .

Egg transfer tmr I'm hopeing I feel better .

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Quite frankly I find the whole ivf process exhausting but after egg collection I certainly took a few days to recover. And I also seemed to walk at a slower pace as I felt like every step was jiggling my insides and felt so swollen. Urgh! Have you had/ been checked for OHSS? If you feel really unwell or sore you should speak to your clinic just to check with them, by now you should have an idea of when the transfer will be so if you are worried about not being well you should talk to them.


I was super tired and walked like John Wayne for a good few days afterwards. I think it's quite common. Hope you feel better soon! Xx


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