Egg collection today - nervous, anyone else having egg collection today ????

Hardly slept last night, feel quite nervous about today, going to Kingston hospital for 9.30 - egg collection at 10am.

It sort of dosnt feel real in a way , feels like I'm looking in at someone else going through this.

Stomach is in knots at the mo .

I know the proceedure will be fine , just praying for eggs in thought follicles .

Can't believe it's actually happening today!!!


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  • Aw good luck 😘 x x

  • Bless you!!! I've everything crossed for you 😘 Xx

  • Good luck you will be fine x

  • Good luck. I hope you get some lovely eggs.

  • Good luck!! Happy egg thoughts!! x x x

  • I hope all went well for you Sending positive good luck vibes Xx

  • Hope it all went well this morning!x

  • Hope everything went well. I have my egg collection on Friday. Another step further in the process. Good luck.

  • Hope everything went well today. Remember to drink plenty of fluid and rest!! Thinking of you x

  • Hope it went well and you're doing ok x

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