Any tips for egg collection tmr?

Got egg collection tmr at 10am, have to be at Hosp by 9.30. Been told only a small glass water between 6 am-7am, and I have to take something to eat for after the egg col.

Was told to bring slippers, and dressing gown and socks.

No make up / nail varnish

Do you know if I'll be in the recovery room on my own after or will there be other people in there?

Feel very tired tonight, had Accupuncture earlier, work was manic today but am now off for 13 days.

Feel excited but also nervous .

just hope there's eggs in them follicles!!

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  • Good luck! Sleep well, if you can! x

  • Thank you I feel really strange can't really explain it. Do you have any tips ? Xx

  • Not for the procedure - because I'm not there yet! :-/

    However; for sleeping (and I suffer with struggling to sleep a lot) make your bed really refreshed and relaxing. If you've time change the linen - fresh linen rocks. Try some light reading (magazine) in low light (no reading on your phone!) and if you have one of those sleep relaxation apps then set it off and one technique I have is to count slowly. And the moment something diverts my attention from counting I start from 1 again! Channel your thoughts to everything else. Your mind will trick you... You'll think about the house... And then you'll slip in to imagining it with a baby. Then start again counting! x

  • Ah thanks I'll give that a go xx

  • Hello!

    Firstly good luck - you'll be fine. At Edinburgh infirmary it's a small ward with around 8 beds, I think, separated into little bays by curtains. The worst part for me was waiting to be taken my heart rate was through the roof! Doctors will ask you to confirm you took the trigger shot, your name and date of birth and then you'll be wheeled through and asked to confirm your signature while they send you off to the land of nod💤 I don't remember a thing about it. Woke up after an hour or so (they don't let you sleep!) My husband stayed in the same place and was right there. I devoured a cereal bar and begged them to let me go as I can't stand hospitals but to be honest I started cramping in the car and realised I probably left a bit quickly! Take your time and get to bed when you get in and sleep, I was sore for a few days with an upset tum but it was genuinely okay,

    Best of luck xxx

  • Thank you Hun x

  • Let us know how many eggs you get 👍🏼🐰

  • I will do, when I had scan on Monday the nurse said I have 5 good size follicles and lots of small ones . X

  • Good luck. Try and stay as calm as poss. X

  • Good luck. I felt bloated and achy after EC but this is normal due to all the poking about.

  • How did you get on? Hope you're ok x

  • Good Luck

    For mine i slept through it and when i woke up my husband was with me and we was in the ward. took a while to wear off and i had something to eat and i had to pee before they let me go. i felt fine within hours.

    you cant have a bath though for a while and no sex either

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