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10 little ones so far☺

Just had the call from the scientist and out of 14 collected yesterday 10 have fertilised normally so said. So a lot of info didn't go in but she will call tmoro with another update but has pencilled me in for Saturday morning transfer. She said they will decide daily on whether they put back 1 or 2 or whether I can take a chance on 1 for Monday (day 5).

I'm a little worried to ask her but do we get a choice whether to put back 1 or 2?

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Hi, that's good news having 10 fertilised! Another hurdle crossed 😀 My clinic has a one embie transfer policy unless you're over 40 or have particularly bad embies but I think every clinics different.



Wow that's an amazing amount! My clinic is the same as Oakey's and only puts one back unless you're over 40, or they aren't as good quality as they'd hoped, but I really think it all depends on the clinic. Good luck! Xx



As the other girls say every clinic is different. My clinic don't put anymore than one in unless your over 40, have poor quality embryo or have had several failed ivf's.

Great number of fertilised eggs! Good luck xxx


My clinic said that they would give us the choice, they usually recommend only one but said that if we had two of poorer quality then they would support two. Good luck. x


Thanks ladies, they take it day by day but as this is our last chance on NHS I want the best outcome and so do the clinic. We've made our decision as a couple if we get given a choice but looks like it's up to science for the next few days x


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