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Egg collection 😀


Just returned from hospital, and have been told egg collection will be this Friday.

So excited but really nervous. This is our first cycle of ICSI.

Been given my gonasi injection to do tonight at 23:55 (late night for me), take my lorazepam sedative on Thursday then another on Friday morning. We then go in for 11:45 on Friday for a 12 o'clock collection.

Any tips or advice for Friday. 😀

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Ho jenkins89 congratulations on your EC date :)

I had my EC at the beginning of the month and coming towards the end of my 2ww after ET

Try not to worry about EC I found it no problem at all. You will of been told not to eat or drink I think 6 hours before EC

Just keep positive I understand it's an anxious time thinking how many eggs they can collect, just take plenty of rest between now and then :)

If you work I would suggest having the day after EC off work too, if you haven't already sorted that :) xx


Hi Jenkins89. Just wanted to wish you well with your egg collection Friday. You've got your sedation sorted, so that's good. Just make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards and rest when you can. Good luck! Diane



Good luck, let us know how it goes x


Hi had my egg col today best advice is to completely chill out after the procedure and go with the flow before the procedure. We got 9 eggs collected so v pleased now just wait for the call tmr morn to see if fertilised . Xxx


Wow that's great. Hope you get a good call about the fertilised eggs. Good luck. X


My advice would be to try and stay calm as it isn't as bad as you expect it to be. The more relaxed you are the better. My clinic let me take a chill out cd to play during it which helped and hubby sat in with me holding my hand. It's all over quickly and you don't really remember much. Remember its all worth it and stay positive 😊 xxx


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