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Visiting Speciality Gynaecology

received a letter to visit the Speciality Gynaecology, so phoned up and its booked for 13th June. i dont know if they are going to help me get pregnant with my choice of method - self insemination - but i can ask.

atm insemination isnt happening, because i felt tired before setting everything up, and my male best friend (my donor) is tired after working.

this is the 5th month i feel so guilty and its my fault not my male best friend, when hes offering, im too tired to set things up and inseminate.

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Hi Erica_Davies. probably a good thing that you have been referred to a clinic. If you haven't already had it done, they may suggest that you have your Fallopian tubes checked before proceeding further. Hopefully, you will be able to start again soon. Diane


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