Insemination done on Friday and now the dreaded 2ww!!

Had my donor insemination done yesterday, I was pretty nervous though but everything went ok. I was expecting a female nurse to do it but had a male doctor instead, however, he was nice and just as he was about to insert it he said 'Say a little prayer'!! Now home and I've got the dreaded 2 week wait and the capsules to insert!

I guess everyone is different but what feelings am I likely to have if I'm to be pregnant? Also, does anyone know how long it takes from when the sperm reaches the egg and the process starts?!

Apart from a few tummy cramps and feeling a little emotional, I'm ok so far. The fertility process is definitely a roller coaster of feelings, emotions, excitement and fear!! x

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  • Good luck Hun I day a 6 day embryo transfer on Thursday so my official test day is 21st September xxx

  • Good luck to you too Sophie - fingers crossed x

  • Welcome to the 2ww distinction 😊 sperm can take up to 12 hours to reach the egg but some may be faster swimmers. They also can survive for up to 7 days so will be eagerly awaiting the egg.

    As far as symptoms, I'm currently 6dp3dt and I'm trying not to symptom spot as the progesterone pessaries give you many of the signs of early pregnancy (sore nipples and boobs, tiredness etc).

    Good luck and try not to Google too much xx

  • Hi Jo - for the first few days I had mild tummy cramps but I'm not really feeling any different now apart from being tired but I think that may be due to boredom!!

    I guess not feeling anything makes you think it hasn't worked but time will tell I guess!!

    Good luck to you too x

  • Don't worry if you don't feel any different yet, the HCG doesn't get produced until the embryo is well and truly implanted which takes time (this is what I'm telling myself to keep positive) xx

  • Thanks Jo for all of your useful information. Let me know how you get on x

  • Hi Distiction72, good luck with your 2ww. I won't lie it's bloody hard but just hang in there. Like JoJo says the most common symptoms are also caused by all the hormone drugs so it's hard to tell whether or not you are pregnant. It's just a case of rest up when you can and otherwise keep busy! Wishing you all the best xxx

  • Thanks Anjel2 - yes, it seems a long time already, even after 3 days!! Feeling rather bored at the moment though and knowing what to do with my time is difficult, although I am starting a new course soon so that should take up some of my time.

    Good luck to you too x

  • Just wanted to say I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and I really hope u get a positive result xx

  • Many thanks, I really appreciate yours and everyone's comments.

    Good luck to you too x

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