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One step closer!!


We are one step closer to trying our luck at our first IUI cycle. It’s been a long road but we’re finally getting closer.

I had my orientation visit this morning to pick up my drugs for our IUI cycle and was taught how to inject myself. They’ve given me the injections and the trigger shot along with progesterone vaginal tablets that I am to use twice per day for two weeks post insemination.

So I’ve got all the drugs, my period is due on Sunday 21st and our donor sperm is waiting at the day surgery clinic.

It feels that much more real now and I’m crossing my fingers and toes!!!

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Aww this is great.

So good to get things moving.

Wishing you lots of luck. Xxx

Ajplus1 in reply to genten

Thank you :) super excited/nervous xx

genten in reply to Ajplus1

I totally understand that and it's natural. You'll be fine xxx

Ajplus1 in reply to genten

Thank you xx

Things start to move fast now! It was very exciting knowing you can move forward and get started. Wishing you all the best.xx

Ajplus1 in reply to Cinderella5

It really does, our first appointment back in march seems like forever ago. Then the last month everything has happened :) thank you xx

Great news. It’s all come together so quickly now you’ve got started 😊 x

Ajplus1 in reply to Kyell2

I know. Super excited/nervous but trying to relax so my period isn’t late ha xx

Ohhh great, wishing you lots of luck xxxx

Ajplus1 in reply to Sweets1

Thank you xx

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