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I don't understand my 21 day blood results- please help

I don't understand my 21 day blood results- please help

Hi, new to the site, came across it when I was trying to find help/answers for my resent 21 day blood tests.

I' was given my results which are added below and the receptionist said they are normal. But my FSH 2:2iu/l result seems low compared to the ranges listed just below it, can anyone help or shed any light on it please? 

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Hi Clair4382. I'm a bit confused by this, as your Day 21 progesterone test is to check ovulation only.  A positive result should read 30 or more.  To check your FSH level it should be taken on Day 2 or 3 of your period.  The result should read between 2 and 10 and averages around 5-8 depending on age. So sorry if I've confused you further, but this is the way I was taught.  Hope you soon get a straight answer, and good luck with any treatment you may have to undergo.Diane


Hi Diane, thank you for the reply you've confirmed my confusion. I was informed by other like you to look for a figure around 30-50 for a positive result which is why I was alarmed to see 2:2 and be told everything is ok. I think I'll need to book an appointment to get the dr to explain the test results to me.


Hi Clair4382. Indeed you do, bless you.  Perhaps ask GP to request the FSH/LH on Day 2 or 3 as well??  Good luck!  Diane


Maybe you have only had the day 21 test done but for some weird reason they have chosen to show you ranges for other tests and completely throw you. Is this NHS? I find them very difficult when you are seeking for answers and support.

You have been tested in luteal phase so then your result is good (I was advised low is good anyway on this test) 

Hope you can get a straight answer soon best of luck x


I have day 21 bloods done every month. I have probably had about 18 in total. My progesterone levels are checked on day21 to confirm whether I have ovulated. I don't ovulate naturally, so I need monthly medication. The level needs to be above 30 to confirm ovulation. Try not to get mixed up on google, as the blood tests in other countries such as America are measured differently, so the levels are different than the U.K. On medication my levels for progesterone is around 50.

Regarding FSH and LH. I had these checked on day 3 of my cycle.

Day 3 FSH level FSH: 

Less than 9 Normal FSH level. Expect a good response to ovarian stimulation.

9 - 11 Fair. Response is between normal and somewhat reduced (response varies widely). Overall, a slightly reduced live birth rate.

11- 15 Reduced ovarian reserve. Expect a reduced response to stimulation and some reduction in embryo quality with IVF. Reduced live birth rates on the average.

15 - 20 Expect a more marked reduction in response to stimulation and usually a further reduction in embryo quality. Low live birth rates. Antral follicle count is an important variable.

Over 20 This is pretty much a "no go" level in our centre. Very poor (or no) response to stimulation. "No go" levels should be individualized for the particular lab assay and IVF centre.

LH- I think should be below 7, but your results will vary depending on what day of your cycle the blood test is taken, therefore day 21 tests are different.

Overall it is best to visit your GP, and discuss the results face to face.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the essay.



Thank you all for your help and advise. I'm waiting on a telephone call from my Drs to discuss my results. 


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